Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Ultimate Multi level Marketing Network

Talking about networking I've heard about so many online network businesses with their dividends : FLP, AIM, HELPING HANDS INT'L, HAPPY MEAL, MMM & so many others. When u join, u are encouraged to bring in two or more people so u can begin to enjoy ur benefits. D more people u bring in d more benefits u recieve. But there's one particular type of networking that's been in existence for centuries with unlimited dividends but overlooked. I call it d Jesus networking. All it takes is for u to:

*testify to someone about ur personal experiences with Him i.e what He has done for u.
*His great sacrifice for us all on Calvary.
*declare His good works
*plant a seed of repentance & be a witness for Him to all.
*proclaim Him as Lord.
When u work for God d dividends are enormous, He also takes care of ur business & prospers u!(key to prosperity)
This is a clarion call for all believers of Jesus Christ to network for Jesus. Time is short, d hour is at hand, d chariots are ready, d trumpet will soon sound. Speak to ur friends, neighbours, relations about Jesus so that u will not be held accountable for their lost souls. Hope u are ready?

Be wise, network for Him today & earn urself a space in eternity. God bless u. 🙌🙌🙌

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