Education no longer cheap

Good day friends, with recent hike in School fees of Universities in Nigeria. My humble advise to Parents who love their Children future is that they Should stop looking Cheap Education and Expo Centres for their Children at primary and Secondary levels because a Child with a poor Education at this levels may not be able to cope in higher institutions. Ani fi Owo jona. Don't compromise your Children Education at primary and Secondary Schools for low fee or the gimmicks called Govt.Approved and learning is not taking place. Visit your children Schools and know who their teachers are,is your right.
Education is no longer Cheap!!!.
At thesame time don't be carried away by high paying School efficy ,ranging from A.C school bus, TV in classes, nice painting of School walls, as good as this efficy are if there is no improvement in your Child better don't deceived yourself move on,My stake take your Child to a learning and passing Schools and not just a passing School where the Child learn nothing and the results will be good but the owner of the result is not good academically to cope in the high paying higher institutions. Think about it and repost it to others.

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