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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Interview tips


It is that time of the year when teachers change jobs. We are looking for greener pastures, not a bad idea. Let's do it with tact.

I see posts on vacancies everywhere.
A school may have just five positions but have 100 applicants.
The applicants go through:
a. Written test
b. Micro teaching
c. Oral test

School owners will agree with me that paper is not cheap.
Why waste so much paper on 100 applicants?
Why spend time and energy marking 100 answer sheets?
Why spend so much on airtime calling applicants?

My suggestions:
Instead of :
• Written test
• Micro teaching
• Oral test

*You could do Micro teaching first- I observed that some teachers are very good at written test but can't breakdown concepts for students to comprehend.
*During micro teaching you can easy detect any flaw and avoid it.
*Would you rather prefer a teacher good at answering and setting questions but can't TEACH?
*Having done the first elimination, you can now test their communication skills.
*Finally, the written test can place(less paper).
*Every teacher should have a 'working' email address, rather than call the successful candidates to notify them via their emails.

I hope this helps.

Eunice Iwuji

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