That's great.. Thank God for good hearted Nigerians

For whosoever you are able to help, then such is your partner, take good care of him or her...

Dr_ Betta shared this on her page. She said few months ago she rescued the malnourished child you see above, and today she is glad she is alive and healthy to celebrate her 2nd birthday and she would be starting school in September including her teen mom! GREAT!! Her words below and another photo below…

A few months ago I held a severely malnourished child who was almost lifeless belonging to a teenage mother who dropped out of primary school. Today am so happy and grateful to God that she is alive, hale and hearty to celebrate her 2nd birthday.... Guess what mother and child are starting school in September!!!! We made this happen... We allowed God use us.

We may not all do great things but we can do little things in great ways!!!!!!! #Dr BettaEdu

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