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Thursday, August 24, 2017

12 Ways To identify Pharisee in Your Church


1. They go to work early, but come to church late.

2. They beg their boss when they err, but threaten to leave church whenever there is a misunderstanding.

3. They work hard to be promoted at work, but treat the work of God with levity.

4. They pay all their dues in the workplace, but refuse to pay tithe in the church.

5. They buy costly things for their boss to get favour, but can't even buy airtime for their pastor.

6. When they are not going to be in the office, they take permission ahead from their superior; but expect pastor and elders to pay them visits when they miss church without notice.

7. They fear and respect their boss than their pastor and even sometimes more than God.

8. When they are sick they manage to go to work, but they cannot manage to come to the church.

9. They take official query serious, but handle divine rebuke with disdain.

10. They tolerate their colleagues in the workplace, but cannot tolerate the brethren.

11. They turn off their phones at workplace, but use calls to distract other worshippers in Church.

12. They can work overtime in the office, but get offended at the pastor if he's not closing at the stipulated time.

1. Is there any in your church?
2. What can you do to help them please?
3. Do you know that they may miss heaven if not cheked?
May God help us to help them.

I bless the name of the Lord God, that you are not a Pharisee but real child of God, who shall make heaven at last but please let us rise to help others.

Pls send this to someone you wish shall make heaven.

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