Escaping Hunger in the Land



When life becomes tough, when condition becomes critical, when your situation makes mockery of you, please don't forget one of the principles of becoming wealthy: DO NOT STEAL!

Some weeks ago, a little boy stole some fruit, when he was questioned, we discovered he was hungry. Someone among us gave him a plate of food and a bottle of water. But thieves are not lucky all the time. Sometimes they get lynched.

While we acknowledge the fact that some people steal just to eat; it is clearly not the way to go. Rather than steal, work with your hands. Enjoy the reward of your labour. God blesses work not theft.

Our society has changed, people are more concerned about what you have and not how you got it.

Recently, a policeman made a comment that got me thinking. It was a case of online hacking gone bad. The funds were trapped somewhere and the hackers needed the money at all cost. The policeman had been promised a percentage if he could help get the funds. In his "zeal" he asked what the business of the bankers was with the source of the money. According to him: "In this economy, who bothers about how people get money?" It is in times like this I almost agree with someone who said "Police Na thief". Well, at least that one is a certified thief.

But the issue is not with the police. It is a societal ill. Before that policeman joined the force, he was a part of the society. He picked his ideology from society. The policeman, the corrupt politician, the "yahoo boy" are all products of the Society.

I read something years ago that completely changed my orientation. This is it:

"Like the partridge that gathers a brood, which she did not hatch and sits on eggs which she has not laid, so is he who gets riches by unjust means and not by right. He will leave them or they will leave him in the midst of his days, and at his end he will be a fool." (Jeremiah 17:11. Amplified)

That did it for me. I just made up my mind not to be a fool. If I steal, I may satisfy today's hunger but I will never satisfy the hunger of reputation, the hunger of God's blessing; I will have no defence against the curse that will come upon me or the pains I will put those in my lineage through.

To escape the hunger in the land, work and do not steal (we will talk about work subsequently). When you take what is meant for common good and use for yourself and family, you bring a curse on yourself, your children and their children. I know folks whose parents stole and who now have to contend with all sorts of evil that plague them. They might have 10million dollars, but their problems are worth a billion.

For my father's age mate stealing government money; for the official diverting funds meant for the poor; for the young boy engaged in scamming people online (they actually argue that they are paying back the white men that enslaved Africa); for the guy who breaks into homes to steal and those who rob at gunpoint; think once more about what you're doing. It will not  help you escape hunger. Instead when punishment comes on you, there will be none to deliver.

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