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Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Principle of New Beginning


SOURCE: The Diary of a Man Lost in Education – Mec Collins

PHILOSOPHY: Many parents end up in wrong places because they lack basic knowledge and skills in getting new schools.

ABSTRACT: Every school has minimal, average and high strengths and weaknesses, only upon your digestive comprehension of this article will you be able to accurately classify a school but unfortunately, a school's status changes with time, ups and downs are parts of every school system and should you beckon a school's downs, you will never achieve a trace of satisfaction hence, the great need to persevere with your child's school's weaknesses and get married to its strengths.

INTRODUCTION: Just like in searching for a life partner or a wife or husband material, a lot of far and close assessments must be skillfully, patiently, interrogatively and practically employed beyond the words of mouth.

APPRECIATION: I thank everyone who would patiently study-digest this piece and do hope earnestly that it leaves great impacts on every individual who reads it.

SECTIONS: This work is categorized into four thus; General Attributes of a Possible More Consistent Good School, Dos in Choosing a New School, Don'ts in Choosing a New School and Common Mistakes Parents make in Choosing New Schools.


A good school is a school you can tolerate. So, a school good to you may not be good to me because no school is all good. So, settle for one, be careful in choosing that one because it is an uneasy task to change a school. A good school is not by number, structure, location, owner, staff and so on but by mission, vision, consistency, products and simplicity.


In choosing a school, be guided by the following and a few others:

1. Patience : You can't be in haste while in search for a new school, ask many questions and watch the consistency of the answers, possibly request to watch teachers teaching and students learning, be relaxed and try to get everyone at relaxed states. Do sampling of opinions and sometimes try to act against the average opinions.

2. Time: Give enough time, one visit will not be enough, go when the learners and teachers are on and request for their yearbooks, bulletins, logbooks and so on to read while waiting at the reception. Take tour of their websites, social media platforms and other sources of their profiles.

3. Familiarity: You need to be familiar with the location of the school, the alternative routes and the mentality of the descendants and inhabitants of its surroundings. Don't go to schools that would psychology draw you aback of your exposures and education.

4. Convenience: Ensure picking or dropping your child or the child going and coming are both finance, health and time healthy, just like renting a house, it is not making initial payments that matters but renewals, go for what you can maintain on the long run at slight upwards or downwards in your income and schedules.

5. Consistent Income: Sizing your financial class is too important here, ensure you proportionate your steady income to overhead expenses in ratio to your continuous footing of the school bills. If you are in business, consider how established the business is and if a salary earner, your alternative investments as you can lose your job at any time unforeseen.

6. Road Network: For sure, some look for schools during dry seasons only to start looking for new schools in rainy seasons, if you are new in a place, ask questions about the roads. Not only rain, in traffic overwork so that your child doesn't get exhausted before getting to school or home every day or getting late home or to school. See to ensure there is an alternative road that is motorable if you are mobile. Some roads to some schools are flooded on small rains or very mouldy and child-unfriendly, be sure to find out. I don't believe that with so many schools out there, you need to go afar to fetch education for your child.

7. Religion: This is vital, be ensure of the religion of the school before you opt for it, is it specific religion based, mixed or undecided?

8. Security: There are some badly located schools amidst smoking ends, drug points, bad meeting places, illegal business places, brothels, clubs and moral forbidden places, could you ensure you do meticulous findings? Not only that, the water sources, waste disposals, and other health security devices must be in place.

9. Child safety compliance: Simple safety measures like fire extinguishers, emergency exits, safety signs, floors, perimeter fencing, etc are unavoidable watch-outs

10. Collective decision: Don't just send your spouse and sit back to beckon on what he or she will say coupled with the bills you can afford, be involved, sample your views and disagree to agree, if not, the other will most likely always put all blames of the school's shortcomings on the infield marshal who sourced and recommended the school. Most times women are involved solely, most women are very ill-behaved, they are after bargaining with any school ready to play along in getting her own share and so on and believe me, women are easily lured to wrong choices. This is though not obtainable in rare women.


There may be more to the following don'ts but most of them are:

1. The School is big: This is the number one priority of the rich people, the size of the container not necessarily its contents as initial factor.

2. The fees are high: This has always been a misleading factor; everyone believes that the amount a school charges determines its quality. This is a universal erroneous belief; so many tokenism schools out there out-perform most of such schools.

3. The environment is luxurious: Modern schools in modern environments having modern facilities are found to grow within an abnormal short period of time. Why? Education is a luxurious demand. Yet, the children of the poor, attending poor schools, in most cases, go into the labour market only to threaten the people from the other end if at all such people find their ways into the market.

4. The school uniform is fine: Fine, if this is your reason, very soon, you will pull it off your child for another uniform, a school may have good designers in fashion but bad ones in management or standard, that one is creative doesn't make him productive.

5. The children speak well: Speaking is an art, education is more a science. Many are good speakers of English who are only known for grammatical expressions.

6. The teachers dress well: Packaging is a part of it not its whole, if this is what attracts you to a school, welcome to one-chance drive.

7. The front-desk officer is attractive: Some are carried away by these professional customer care ambassadors of the schools. Look, these people are on their jobs, they have been well trained to do the job in such ways. Their appearances are conditioned to suit the job as some schools even go extra miles to spend extra on their appearances, that should not automatically magnet you to a school and in case you think enrolling your child or ward will bring you closer to the beautiful or handsome front-desk person, I just wonder how many hands will be on him or her. Don't allow professional smiles, touches and treats deceive you, you are strictly on your own. Remember that the beautiful ones are not yet born, so, there are probably more beautiful or handsome front-desk officers in other schools, will you keep moving?

8. The School Owner is always on ground: This must be a small school, standard schools have branches, school owners can't be in each branch all the while. In fact, millennium schools are owned by boards, please wake up. Today's School Owners have also learned to involve in other businesses especially training of other schools in areas of their strengths. No School Owner of good quality is stationery today, they are mobile.

9. The School Owner speaks well: Have you wondered if he or she teaches the staff talk less, the learners and if yes, how often and how many classes? His or her great accent or grammatical luggage may most likely not have direct impacts on your child.

10. I was told they teach well: This depends on people who said so to you, are they those working there and looking for how to pull you there or those already there who may be friends to the school or just trying to ensure you are where they are. You can't hold on this to choose a school for your child.

11. The School has a school bus: It is usually painful to prioritize this although I understand you may not be able to combine work with picking and dropping your child but please always go abroad beyond the school bus availability.

12. They go on excursions: Field trips and excursions are teaching methods in education but not absolute. In education, no singular method is recommended the most effective as a good lesson must have the combination of several teaching methods, so why should you just base on excursions to choose on a school?

13. The School does lesson and has longer closing time: You may be looking for people who would keep your child longer but the truth is, it is not how long but how well.

14. My friend, family or neighbour works there: Will he or she be there for as long as your child has to stay for continuity and come to think of that, what productive difference does this make on your child?

15. It is owned by my church or mosque member: This will always disappoint you. Holiness is bound in the building of a religious place, once you are out, the true colour of everyone is clear. These set of people have been found to give room to greater negligence and unprofessional treats to their consumers who are their members in the same religious worship places.

16. It is owned by a church, Pastor or Imam: Is a school a religious place? Does this automatically ensure your child's all-round-success? Please, this is not a point to consider. Some of you have selfish motives for going, believing he or she is a religious leader so would be considerate in charges, in payment grace and so on, you have just lost it, very soon, he or she will be too busy to even remember there is a school under his or her administration.

17. The school is approved: Whether a school has been approved or not, this is not an express guarantee of excellent practices or standard. Lest I forget, most of those schools you see 'GOVERNMENT APPROVED' have really not gotten approval or have only been incorporated not approved by the Ministry of Education who don't even recognize incorporations on schools. Your incorporation is just to be taken as a business unit free to own bank accounts and carry out other business transactions while approval with the ministry is the super and main security on approval that any school could secure.

18. My child was happy going for summer there: Child's psychology is highly important here and I will also back it up with the Law of Diminishing Returns. Children like new places, friends and things in general. Your child must have been enticed by one thing and there you go, carried away by the child singing it at home that he or she likes the place. Mind you, schools tend to go an unsustainable extra mile during summer to impress the kids, this is why some schools will even make their summer fees very ridiculous to just get children to attend then leave other things to them. Please be smart. The little difference that has been made on your child is on sustenance base, in strong doubt and you know what, after your child gets fully registered, the child starts disliking some if not a lot and most times, tells you after a while that the previous school is better if at all you dig deeper.

19. Their handbill is fine: Excuse me, that handbill was designed by a graphics designer who most likely is not even a staff of that school and even if he or she is, how does the beauty of handbills add to your child's success?
20. The School won in a competition: Who did they compete with, did the children they took for the competition start all their education lives with them, are you sure the school is the sole former of such children academically or in the skill they won on or those children have private teachers from other sources doing the bulk of the jobs or acquired their excellent skills from their churches, mosques or other social places? Does taking your child to that school automatically get him or her such a winner and how consistent is even the winning for the school? By the way, who judged the winning, what parameters were used in judgment, are you sure it was not bought?

21. I was given good discount: Can you please never mention this? This is always a trap. This is a no guarantee of excellence.

22. My wife says she likes it: Did I just hear you say your wife or maybe your husband? Wonderful! Choice of school must be a joint one not one person's likeness or otherwise. Look, your spouse must have based on some erroneous reasons to insist to you his or her likeness. Please discuss all.

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