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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Prophetic Declaration

*PROPHETIC DECLARATION*                The Grace of God will announce your greatness. His Mercy will usher you to your table of upliftment. His Favour will settle you. Your feet will not stumble. God will take you to places of honour. God will watch over your seed and water it. You will reap bountiful harvest. Your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the labour of your hands. The God of good news will announce you. On the wings of God's breakthroughs, you will not be wasted away. You will make it by His grace. Helpers of destiny will locate and help you.All your God sent helpers around the four corners of the world will never rest until you and your family are located and blessed. You will not be put to shame in Jesus name.                               Have a blissful week.                                            It is Prophetically declared: Certain, Settled and Sealed!          

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