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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rubber Stamps for Learning

As schools will be resuming in next few days, I am glad to introduce to you our LEARNING STAMPS.

Rubber stamps are a useful classroom accessory for teachers. Stamps are quick way to stamp an image or message onto pupils book and can be easily replicated many times over. Which in turn makes the work of a teacher easier and faster.

However, in addition to being a quick way to add a message to pupils book, the many cute designs available mean that a messages, or image will bring a smile to the children's face and make the message really stand out and attractive.

Some of our available products are;
1. A - Z Image Stamp
2. Lowercase Tracing Stamp
3. Uppercase Tracing Stamp
4. Numbers Tracing Stamp
5. Tiny Image Stamp6. Shape Stamps
7. Fruit & Vegetable Stamps
8. Domestic Animal Stamps
9. Wild Animal Stamp
10. Number Clock Face Stamp
11. Roman Numeral Clock Face Stamp
12. Giant Round Clock Face Stamp
13. Giant Square Clock Face Stamp
14. Reward Stamps
15. Expression Stamp
16. Feedback Stamp

For inquiry about this products, kindly contact
08023870856 (Call / SMS & WhatsApp)
08038680075 (Call & SMS Only)

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