stronger Many things on my mind since Facebook will not stop asking 'What's on your mind' Who am i influencing

Just here on my bed resting after many drips and injections.  Thankful to God I am getting better and stronger

Many things on my mind since Facebook will not stop asking 'What's on your mind'

Who am i influencing wi

th my lifestyle ?

I know I am of a positive influence to atleast a few people but I hope  God is proud of me

Many abnormal things in our world has become normal

Maybe I am one of the few who still believe in virginity for male and female before marriage

Who still believe it is just right and normal to be married and stay faithful

I am even sounding old school . Abi . Oluwa ooo

Have you noticed stripper club are more in town now

Our daughters have become object of use  by men we didn't mentor

The level of immorality is alarming

More people are unashamedly immoral feel okay

A teenagers recently told me her father is having sexual affair with her friend who is 15

More incest is covered up. How did We get here

More mothers committing abortion for their daughters

I have counsel more young girls who are high on contraceptive

We don't discuss virginity again as much as we recommend condoms to our teens.

Media, songs, videos that sell sex flood our sight and we consume with our kids

Young boys on hard drugs and feeling cool

Where are the father's?, who is modeling, who is teaching, who is correcting and guilding

9years old having sex, who thinks the beauty of a woman is her big breast and massive butt

More father's sleeping around with children while their children watch

I hope I am trying my best with how I am raising my boys sha. I need to do more My God

God have mercy on us. All our labour must not be in vain

What does the future hold for our children and generations unborn

Mothers dress like Harlot and father drunkard, abuses mother, clubs and sex young girls

Role models and people whose life can inspire and teach morals are few , let's increase the numbers

All of us minding our business and more liberal in our teaching against sin and waywardness

The world has because so polluted.  Technology doing good and bad

Adultery is as popular as marriage. Many think fidelity in marriage is never possible

Fear of God as of old, where is It??  We just fill up our religious centres weekly and little to show

Career moms and No stay at home Dads. We all must make money at whose expense. Hmmmm

Religious houses can't  say the whole truth for fear of losing members

We have teach mercy and Grace and people no longer see sin as a big deal.

Children are watching.  We are scripting them for the future. I hope we are good writers ?

Like my friend undiluted with zuriel Zuriel Oluwabukunola Olowe this is my own version  kemiundiluted

Our world need more role models,  people who will stand for righteousness, morals,  love, positive inspiration, who will rebuke in love, not condole a life of doom

Who are you influencing with your life, I hope it is positive. ?

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