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Friday, September 29, 2017

Welcome to the future. Learn the letters of the alphabet the ICT way

Can you Imagine What Church Will Be Like In The Year 2030 if care is not taken...
Pastor: Praise The Lord!
Congregation: Hallelujah!
Pastor: Can We Pls Open our iPads to Exodus 20:1.
When U r Done Kindly Switch On Ur Bluetooth To Receive The Sermon...
Pls Have Ur Debits Card Ready As We Collect The Tithes And Offerings....
You Can Connect To Church WiFi Using Password Lord3732
And As For The Renovations And Donations U r Welcome To Contribute Via Cellphone Banking.
The Holy Atmosphere Will Be Electric As IPads Flicker. Meanwhile...ANNOUNCEMENT.
Church Secretary: Dis Week's Meeting Will Be Held On Various WhatsApp Groups So Pls Don't Miss Out ...
Wednesday Bible Teaching Will Be Held Live On Skype @1900GMT...
By D Way You May Follow The Pastor On Twitter For Counselling And don't Forget Our Weekly Prayers On YouTube... God Bless us....
If care is not taken, this is how next generation children will
learn their ABC.
'A' for Apple won't be useful anymore....
A is for ATM
B is for Bluetooth
C is for Chatting
D is for Download
E is for Email
F is for Facebook
G is for Google
H is for Hotmail
I is for instagram
J is for Java
K is for Konga
L is for Laptop
M is for MTN
N is for Network
O is for Opera mini
P is for Picmix
Q is for Quick time
R is for RAM
S is for Skype
T is for Twitter
U is for USB
V is for Vista
W is for WhatsApp
X is for Xender
Y is for Yahoo! and
Z is for Zuma.

Don't laugh alone....hahahahahahaha😀😀😜😀 share 2 all 
Do we care or think about this or laugh it, please let us stand to pray  that when Jesus comes He meet faith and you and your family are saved. #Copied# Slight amendment.

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