Never tarnish the image of your boss as a teacher..... Read this write-up from a friend


Hello School Owner,

I want to ask, has it ever happened to you?

When your staff gossip and say ill things against you.

May be for the purpose of this emergent thought, not things true but just false allegations.

Let me tell you a few about my unforgettable experiences.

My staff have in the past said a lot of things against me that when I remember any, I feel very bad.

I remember that they once rumored that I must be a cultist to be that good in education as my classroom skills and paper work have always been fabulous.

Not to forget, when they gossiped that a Reception 3 teacher who for no reason stopped work, took in and for me that I sponsored the abortion that that made the lady sick, her name is Ruth. This Lady I, till tomorrow have never seen outside the school premises or had any unofficial conversation with. In fact, since two years ago she stopped work without resignation, she has not been paid her last salary.

Once, one Olivia told her colleagues that I was being stringent on her because I made passes on her and she ignored me. This almost made me faint because even if I was not married, she would never had been an option even if she becomes the only lady left on earth. But, why did she lead this rumor? Only God knows because she was technically zero and not someone any responsible person could even look at twice since her character was less than zero.

I equally remember the one which I have also shared on this platform about the rumors  some teachers ago littered the air with that one of them saw me touching one of our guests at a party some how.

Or is it when they rumoured that I was hiding my origin and was not allowing them access to my wife.

I shouldn't forget when they polluted the air with rumor that I was dating a grown daughter of a long-existing and very close Client near the school even when I never wooed or intended to woo her. The more aching aspect of these is that their thoughts are always conclusive without any provision for uncertainty.

I got to hear these by chance and I wonder many others that they left work talking that I have not heard.

Do you think you are safe? What have you heard or are you the 'I care less' type? I have always put it before them when I hear anything and they will all accept they talked about it but will never say who started it.

Many teachers are very sick in thoughts and discussions.

I don't know why people can't do without poking their noses. I work with so many schools and homes, apart from my direct clients, I have never had reasons to have family members', other workers' or teachers' numbers because as a professional, all I want to do is do my job and get out. After work, I dash off, no time for anyone but for all other people I have worked with, it is just the opposite.

I opine to teachers to abstain from tarnishing the images of their bosses and also recommend that School Owners device means of getting evil rumours against them. 

Professional Teachers are known through their words and actions, please stay clear of false allegations.

My name is Mec Collins, not that I have seen it all in education but have seen enough to bring grey hair unto my experience.

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