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Monday, November 6, 2017

About : Island Builders Baptist School

Island Builders Baptist School, Lagos Island. The junior Church Leaders of the First Baptist Church Lagos 24A Broad street Lagos in the person of Deacon J.A. Sholeye, Deaconess G.B. Oshodi, Mrs O.O. Adejumobi and a foreign Missionary were instrumental to the founding of the school. These people thought about the idea of establishing a Nursery school as follow up for the Christian training given to the children during the Sunday services so as to ensure that the teaching continues.
The laudable idea was discussed in the Church Executive Committee meeting and the idea was approved
A teacher Mrs. Owolabi (Miss Ogunronbi) was employed from the baptist Nursery Training School in Saki. The school was established in the year 1960 and it was very popular being one of the first private mission nursery schools set up-Gazzette 1969
The formal approval of the school with her new name ISLAND BUILDER BAPTIST (Nursery/Primary ) SCHOOL by the Lagos State Government on 2009 (Ref, MED/PE/AO/14PN/20/136&137 of 13/10/09) was facilitated by the new Headteacher Mrs. M.D. Bode-Idowu.Public/Private: Private SchoolSubjects offered in Island Builders Baptist School, Lagos Island: Red Cross
Home Economics
Boys/Girls Brigade
Bible Society

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