Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Be passionate about your teaching


"Teaching anyone without passion is like living without purpose. Both are boring, time wasting and failure bound" - Melissa Chukwuma.

We are aware of the fact that some teachers in our schools are not professionals and therefore may find it difficult to cultivate a user-friendly learning environment with current teaching methods for their students.
Now, If we accept the fact that as a teacher, you are not professionally trained, must you add to that by coming into class looking dejected, bored, tired, angry, and with the 'I couldn't care less attitude'?
The classroom learning environment should be one that a student looks forward to every morning. The students are not the cause of your challenges in life! Kindly stop taking it out on them. We have a responsibility to ensure that as teachers we are passionate about what we do!
Passion simply lights the fire in you which you transmit to your pupils/students. If you are teaching because you don't have anything else to do, at least find something you love about your work or the children and develop your passion for what you do through this.
Only a passionate teacher can take a child who seems lost through a journey of transforming the child to yield amazing results! Passion cannot be hidden so ignite your fire today.
Change your style!
Resolve to get better!!
Try teaching with passion!!!

Melissa Chukwuma
Groom Villa Consult.

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