Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hidden Roles of a teacher

Hidden roles of a teacher
The multi-layered hat of a teacher carries the following diagnostic roles:
Doctor/Nurse (patching up bruised, elbows and knees during injuries)
Counsellors (patching up bruised egos and personalities)
Confidant (patching up bruised friendships and love lives)
Surrogate parent (explaining the facts of life
Traffic cop (keeping the peace with bus duty and hall duty)
Accountant (handling lunch money, field trip money, book and club money)
Social worker (understanding family relations and how it works in both nuclear and extended)
Interior decorator (creating posters and sorts of decorations)
Repair person (fixing computers, copy machines, etc)
Architect (designing and laying out your classroom)
Librarian (organizing books and book shelves)
Journalist (creating or overseeing class news letters and bulletin boards)
Waiter/waitress (working "meet the Teacher Night) and open houses)
Secretary (dealing with paper work, paper work and paper work)

Some Major Teaching Concerns
Whether you're contemplating becoming a teacher or in the midst of a teacher education program; or just about ready to start your first teaching; or you probably have some concerns in the forefront of your thinking right now, you're not alone! New teachers everywhere in the world have some major concerns about the following:
Classroom management: How can I achieve order in a classroom so that productive learning can take place?
Classroom discipline: What are the norms for students' general conduct and the behavioural routine or procedures that students follow in specific situations?
Assessment and Evaluation: How do I know if students are learning the stuff?
Motivating students: How do I stimulate and encourage students to want to learn?
Relationship: will I be able to get along with administrators, parents and other teachers?
Homework? How much should I give, and how do I make it worthwhile?
Individual students: Will I be able to meet the needs of my individual students?
Planning and preparation: Will I have enough planning time to accomplish all I want to do?
These questions and others are pertinent reflections for teachers …. Let's ride on…..

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