Sunday, November 19, 2017

Reminisce of primary school memoir

Do u know Dat ALI is no longer a Boy? That SIMBI is now a mother of two children? And CHIKE is no longer the river boy but he is now a marine Engineer. EDET no longer lives in calabar but has moved to Canada,(Lols). AGBO is happily married too and has left the town of Lagoon for London. EZE no longer goes to school, he is now a Graduate.
Even Mr SALAMI is no longer a farmer but a Politician.
Remember RALIA the sugar girl? She now own one of the biggest sugar company in Kano.
Do u recall NGOZI and the fly? She is now a minister for Finance in Abroad.
LAWAL and d Lizard is now a Prof in Zoology. AGU and the money doubler is now a custom officer.
Mr BASSEY who has a shop and sell many things is now a millionaire.
ADAMU the Sheppard boy is now the Fulani Chief.

Waooh what a great memory & medium to recall those days of MACMILLAN ENGLISH READER, I believe we all have dem off heart. Pls help others feel d spirit of primary school days by sending this to all your Contacts.

NOTE: If you don't
know all dis, hmmmm then you are part of Indomie Generation... Ahahahah Lols.

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