Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Concept of Teachingneering.....

The Concept of Teachingneering
Teachingneering a new concept, coined by the author, means the manipulation of pedagogical processes that ensures learning really takes place in learners, no matter the circumstances.
It ensure that all energies are dissapidates to make learners learn and make them use the skills acquired to solve practical problems. Whatever teachers do to ensure learning takes place in right quantity is captured in Teachingneering.

Reasons Why people Teach
Teachers, whatever your reason for becoming an educator, you are beginning to realize that teaching is much more than working with a bunch of learners for nine months each year and having long summer vacations.
Individuals seated or listening to this piece become teachers for a variety of reasons:
To make a difference in the life of youngsters;
To impact wisdom and excitement for learning as a result of an influential teacher in their lives;
To follow in the footsteps of a relative/mother, father, aunt, grandfather) who was a teacher and many other reasons too numerous to list here.
Although, your reasons for becoming a teacher may be personal and unique, know that you are among a select group of individuals – people who make a difference in life.
Note that not everybody is cut out to be teacher; teaching takes a special combination of talents, attitude, commitment and specialized knowledge. Teaching, no doubt, is one of the most demanding of professions, yet, it is also one of the most satisfying if well pursued.

What is your status at the moment?
Are you thinking about teaching as a career?
Are you already in a teacher-education programme (pre-service) and need answers?
Have you just been hired for your first teaching job and need to know what to do?
Have you been teaching for a while and want to improve?
You are here to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Why Teach? What is in need for you?
Teaching is an incredibly rewarding career because it offers unlimited opportunities to influence generation of learners, impacting to them the excitement of learning, the passion of discovery and the magic of an inquisitive mind.
In reality, and if practice well, the learners in your current classroom are the government, presidents, ministers tomorrow.

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