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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The need for Whatsapp group for schools, churches or any business that we do

Good morning dear Educators hope you had a great night rest?
I went through our contributions to the Topic on the need to have a whatsapp group for our parents or not.
I categorically tell you that Whatsapp is a blessing to any business; it has been a tremendous blessing to my business to say the least.
Whatsapp makes it easy to
1. Communicate with your parents instantly when you need to make announcement
2. Post Videos and pictures of events going on in your school especially to feed those ones that haven't been attending your strategic event
3. Post video testimonials of parents and outstanding students in the school to further build the brand of your school
However you must handle the whatsapp group not just as a group but as a community, and every community has a leader, the leader in this case is you. That means you need to
1. Define the reason for the community and spell out the RULES for the community. People will consistently violate the rules but you must always and always give them a gentle reminder of the rules whenever it is violated

2. It will take an extra commitment from you because you will have to constantly be online to monitor the kinds of messages been passed in your community, if it is consistent with your brand and your message.

3. Take the position of disengaging people that constantly violate the rules of your community

The reason why I support whatsapp group is that is a way to constantly communicate with your parents, When you communicate constantly with your clients/customers, it improves the perception of your brand tremendously. The parents know
1. You are easily reachable
2. You are accessible
3. You have a human face.

We live in a very competitive business climate today, so use technology to your advantage. In today's world parents constantly by from people they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

This is a sample rule to guide your community of parents on whatsapp
1. Thank you for been part of this community
2. This community of ______ school parent was built to share relevant information on raising our kids, making them best in their academics, creative skills and leadership qualities
3. In the view of this parents are not allowed to share things like devotionals, prayers, political news, false information, pictures, videos or graphics into the group
4. If you have any complaints on your child or any other relevant information for the school please chat me up privately, make a phone call to me or the school admin or pay the school a visit.
5. The best forum for discussing complaints and issue is still in person and at P.T.A meetings, our whatsapp group should never replace that, however if you need immediate answers, contact me personally not on the group wall.
6. Your been here will give you access to see the progress the school is making as regards training your child to be the best and that is the purpose for this community
7. My dear parents please do not violate the rules as it will break my heart to remove you from the community
8. However if you find out that your privacy is been disturbed, do not hesitate to reach out to me personally
9. Feel free to exit the group once you feel your privacy is been disturbed (we never want you to leave this exciting community though)
10. Thanks for been here and am looking forward to serving you best.

From Edu4 Whatsapp group 

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