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Friday, December 29, 2017

Five ways to become a better educator


 1. GET A LAPTOP! I can count the number of teachers I know who own laptops: very few! Owning a laptop does something for you, it forces you to learn more things and acquire more skills. Don't buy a laptop with the intention of turning it into a DVD player for movies and series. Buy it with a purpose in mind. It will help you become a smarter educator. You do not even need to buy a brand new laptop. You can get Belguim laptops as cheap as N35,000 to N40,000. Owning a laptop makes you more professional. I meet too many teachers who cannot operate a laptop and I find it difficult to take them serious!

 2. BECOME TECH SAVVY! Learn to navigate the digital world. Don't get overwhelmed with technology. Start small. Update your browsing skills, practice with typing on Microsoft Word, then move to Powerpoint. Learn to conduct research online. These skills will be yours for life! 

 3. GET A FUNCTIONAL EMAIL! I meet too many teachers who do not have a functional email! I am speechless on this one!

 4. UPGRADE YOUR TEACHING SKILLS: Go for courses! Invest in yourself. If you did not attend up to 3 courses in 2017, then you are already setting yourself up for stagnancy and failure! Let professional development be a part of your game plan! I have attended 9 courses this year already. I have started planning for the courses I will attend in 2018.

 5. COLLABORATE WITH OTHER EDUCATORS: SOCIAL MEDIA has come to stay! Reach out to people who share your passion for teaching, make connections. 

 6. GET A MENTOR! Who do you turn to when you are having difficulties at work? I don't mean your pastor...He cannot help you with areas that are particular to your career...he can pray and give you general statements but you need someone more experienced than you who can guide you through the process of being a successful educator. 

This teaching business is serious business! We must be armed to succeed!

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