Thursday, December 21, 2017

Lesson from elementary nursery rhyme

'Traffic light, Traffic light,
When you see a traffic light,
There is something you should know;
RED says STOP!
GREEN says GO! and you MUST GO!'
The journey of life is not all about how fast or slow you gets to your destination but how successful the journey is.
The great sacrifice to achieve ones' dream lies in the readiness to wait for time. But you must NOT just keep waiting but ever ready by being optimistic and positive minded.
God will surely bless the WORK of your hands provided you pray about it. Even while waiting(aspiring), be conscious(ready) for the green light may lit in a moment you don't expect.

Don't sleep while waiting, don't decide to follow another route, don't be carried away with others whose green light is on,don't reverse, wait the green light will soon be ON.

Let your hand be fixed on the steering,focus on the lighting, always STOP at the red light to think over the steps you have taken,that which you are yet to take and which you are about to take.

Learn from a man in a war front,he would not just keep shooting but STOP in a moment to get a target lest he is just waiting time pulling trigger and may be mark down from behind.

©Amb Pharsh Joseph A.

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