My end of the year apology


✌Those who think I am proud...for one reason or the other.. Am sincerely sorry for creating such an impression ! *Pls forgive me.*😞

✌🏻Those who think I've ignored them... am really sorry. *Pls forgive me.*😔

✌🏻Those who felt offended by my attitude or character during or before this year... I apologize.. *Pls forgive me.*😣

✌🏻All those who I didn't visit or call during this year... I am sorry.. *Pls accept my apology and forgive me.*😒

✌🏻Those who I caused any hurt by words or action... I apologise for my behavior.. *Pls forgive me.*😞

✌🏻Those whose promises I didn't fulfill...I wish I still can but still.. I apologize. *Pls forgive me.*😔

✌🏻Those who felt I am too serious and not friendly at times ..I am really sorry if I caused any one to stay away from me... I apologize. *Pls forgive me.*😔

💙 I love you because without you, there would be no one to call my brother, Dad, mum, sister, Son, daughter, Niece, Nephew, uncle, Auntie, granny, sweetheart, friend, etc

*ENTER 2018 EMPTY !*
Unforgivingness can *block* you from receiving God's blessings..... Be blessed in 2018
*Live Peacefully with Everyone !*

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