Thursday, December 21, 2017

Parents Beware

Parent Beware!

If you are a dad and you are on this platform, you will be interested. 

Can dads pls stop this habit of saying " relating with the school is the mothers job, my own is to pay the bill" 

There so many vices I see with fellow women these days and I believe many are fueled by the fact that the father is not in the education\school loop. Vices like

1. Lying mums who say there's no school today so they can have time for personal runs.
2. Lazy mums who say ' it's a no-uniform day' because they failed to do laundry
3. Jealous mums who insist their child must skip a class because a neighbor's child (in another school) did same
4. Clueless mums who can't even decipher wrong from right anymore, dress children in sexy outfits just to be like the joneses 
5. Fraudulent mums who inflate school fees in a bid to make a profit off their husbands
6. Impatient mums who can't wait out their child's leaning period and think my child should be a fast learner just like me forgetting the child also has genes from an average-learner father (or vice- versa
7. Vindictive mums who will paint schools and teachers all shades of black because the school chose total honesty. 
8. Violent mums who go to fight teachers for various reasons

Dear dads, it's time to sit up and pay attention. Make an effort to visit your child's school, know your children's teacher, join the school WhatsApp or Facebook groups, generally, get involved. Some of these mums will be better behaved if they know you are watching. Remember that parenting is a team work. You can always make time for what's dear to you. I know school owners here will tell you that these things really do happen. Please, Father Beware!.

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