Sunday, December 3, 2017



Our world today is full of distractions. It exists in every field of human endeavor. We handle distractions because they mostly come from the outside of us.What is distraction? Can one truly be a source of one's own distraction? How do we know we are being distracted?

Distractions are those things we begin to see when we take our eyes off the goal. You see, those things do not come from us and in an attempt to give attention to them, our goal is sacrificed.

Yeah, one can be ones source of distraction. Distraction comes either from the inside or from the outside of us.In chemistry, if an internal equilibrium is not maintained, the system must readjust to have internal equilibrium first before any further process is made. If we don't quench the distractions we consciously or unconciously give attention to, our desired world could only be imagined.Are you not getting the point? All right.

We know we are being distracted when what we are doing now is not in line with our goals or mission in life *.Take note, not everyone is distracted.* Distractions apply only to those who have a mission to accomplish. Those who do not have a goal are not distracted. Nay every path leads to their destination.

We have solved the problem half way, if we are able to overcome self-distractions. Just take some minutes and you will notice the distractions you may have unknowingly allowed to be attacking the goal and mission you have in life. Be honest in doing this.List them out. They vary from one individual to another. Mine can not be yours.

These distractions gradually weaken the energy we use to pursue our goal. This is why a majority can not explain why they abandoned the goals that once gave them excitement.

The worst enemy is that of the inside. Let's consciously fight against it. It amounts to mission to nowhere if we allow these distractions go unchecked. You see, our worst enemy is the image on the mirror.

We are the sum total of what we have more in our lives. And Christ says:"Out of the abundance of the heart. ..." If we do not overcome first from the wars of the inside,if we do not win over self-distractions, the external ones will combine with them and they will definitely choke our goal,and thus humanity will ever be deprived of the solution we should have provided for it.Therefore, first thing first. The ball is now in your court.

Think about this my Excellent One...

Good Morning to you all and have a splendid week.

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