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Friday, December 1, 2017

Teachers be careful with your phones during school hours

Good morning all.

Yesterday afternoon after the close of school, a lady walk into our school to make enquiries for a nursery 2 child. She claimed one of our parents recommended our school to her as she just moved to this area. She couldn't remember the name of the parent.

Unfortunately, her mission was different from what she claimed. She made away with my phone and that of my admin staff.

She was dressed like an Alhaja and had a silver tooth. She was really pleasant that no one would suspect her to be a criminal.

Since morning I have been receiving emails that someone is trying to log into my emails and facebook accounts.

I've just been informed that there was a similar incident in another school in this area yesterday about the same time.

I'm so thankful that it was just phones she took and not a child.

Please let's be more vigilant in our schools as Christmas is approaching. Criminals are now targeting schools.

God help us.

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