Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Aftermath of a side chick 🐥

My wife took my phone and deleted Jane's number and saved her number as Jane.

You see, someone had tipped my wife off about my side chick, Jane. I then got an SMS from Jane asking for #5,000 airtime. I rushed to the mall, bought the airtime, and sent it to Jane. She did not acknowledge receipt of the airtime.

When I was relaxing at home after work, I kept wondering if Jane had received the airtime. I sent her an SMS to find out if she had received the airtime. Her response was, "Call me now".

I got out of the house to make the call. You can imagine my horror when my wife answered! Eish....I'm still standing outside.....🙉🙊🙈. Should I go inside?

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