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Friday, December 1, 2017

The disadvantages of Montessori education

I found this online. What is your opinion as a Montessori director or directress. I want your input please

We must understand that EYFS has a governoring body so to speak by British government. They set the standards like rules and go around schools operating this system to monitor them,hence they follow the standards. But in Nigeria it isn't the case so all we are doing is practices it in the best way we can mixing it a little here and there.Then for Montessori schools here same too the timetable does not allow for chn to readily chose what they want do bco qoute and unquote deep down, they are some expectations that chn must met that schools work towards. These expectations are like traditional to us here in Nigeria.The yearnings of parents.(Expectations of parents) which has heitato created this deep competition among schools. Hence the methods both Montessori and EYFS are not fully implemented as should.

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