Thursday, December 21, 2017



Let me share an email I got from my coach and mentor this morning and I know it will be useful to you also please read…

Hello Itunu
WITHOUT A DOUBT the best way to promote your brand right now and for the rest of time is through word of mouth.
There will never be a more powerful form of marketing.
Word of mouth has been around since the beginning of time.  
It's not what you say that counts.
It's what others say about you that counts.
People talk when they have something to talk about.  
A happy customer is the best form of marketing.
Don't just satisfy people.
Wow them.
Knock them off their feet (not literally, of course, or you'd be looking at some trouble).
Your product and/or service shouldn't just be good.
It should be excellent.
You want customers to be thrilled they chose you.
Regardless of what kind of business you are in, they experience business and that experience must be remarkable.  
Customers need to come away energized and fired up.
A great experience makes them eager to tell their friends.
A mediocre or average experience ensures they don't tell a soul.
To create loyalty with your fans/audience, you must have a core message or promise that your fans can get behind.
This core promise must never be broken under any circumstance.  
You must be able to get your core message across in a few sentences.
And you must be able to deliver on that promise consistently.
If you can't, then you are in big trouble, my friend.  
How passionate (and loyal) are your fans?
If your business ended tomorrow, would anyone notice?
You want your fans to be so passionate about you and your brand that it will live on long after you do.  
Be remarkable and interesting.
No one talks about boring companies or boring products.
If you are boring, you are invisible.
Don't create another piece of content, product, or ad unless it's worth talking about.
People take notice when a company is different and does something worth talking about.  
Most brands leave word of mouth up to chance.
They fail to understand that you can ignite word of mouth.
Although you can't control what people say...
You can control what you do that makes them talk.  
The more people like you and what you do, the more they will support your business.
They get excited to tell their friends about you.
Solve people's problems.
Take care of them.
Any trust you build up will be destroyed by not being good to people.  
If people don't respect you, they won't talk about you.
Not positively anyway.  
If no one is talking about you, you need to start the conversation.
Start spreading some positive word of mouth about your fans.
It's important you acknowledge your fans and even support them in return.
People love to be recognized and appreciated.
Your fans are no different.
You can strengthen the relationship with them by taking the spotlight off yourself and putting it on them.  
If you want someone to be a fan of yours, start by being a fan of theirs.
Treat your brand advocates like stars....because they are.  
If you have employees, they should be your biggest fans.
Smart businesses allow their employees to become brand advocates.
Give your employees a voice.
They're often the people who can best spread the word about your brand.
If you are afraid of how they will use that voice, you need to reevaluate your hiring process.  

Make it easy for people to spread the word and share what you do.    
If your fans have to go out of their way to spread the word...err..they won't.
Even if they are your biggest fans, they won't.
Make it easy on them by giving them the tools they need.
Today's technology makes word of mouth happen at lightning speeds.
Be prepared to take advantage of it.  
All of your online content should be capable of being shared through social media networks with a single click.
Pay attention to how easily YouTube has made it to share the videos.
You can embed them directly on your website or post them on your social media profiles.
You can e-mail your friends and family a direct link to the video.
It's no wonder YouTube is such a success when it is so easy to share content.
Another way to ignite word of mouth is so simple but too few brands do it.
Ask your fans to spread the word.
Ask them for help.
You're not too big to ask for help.
Often people are more than happy to send you a referral or recommendation, but it's not going to be on the top of their mind.
You have to give them that friendly little push.  
Enthusiasm doesn't last.
So you'll have to keep your fans excited.
Look at how Apple rolls out new versions of their products.
I kinda hate apple products...for absolutely no reason.
But ven I am impressed by the way they promote.
It keeps fans excited and keeps them talking.
Fans of your brand are more than just satisfied customers.
Fans admire you, are inspired by you, and impressed with you.
They like your personality and are impressed by your network and associations.
They are in the best position to convince people to give you a shot.
They are your most powerful ally.  
Fans need to know they're appreciated for their efforts in helping you spread the word.
Recognize them and show appreciation.
Recognition means more than a gift.

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