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Functions of mass /social media in the Nigerian society

FUNCTIONS OF MASS/ SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE SOCIALIZATION OF THE NIGERIAN CHILD Mass/Social media sites allow children to accomplish certain tasks that are considered important to them such as staying connected with friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas. On the other hand, social media participation also can offer young children deeper benefits that extend into their view of self, community and the world. This becomes more beneficial if adults get involved with children and guide in the use of media through visit to quality websites by engaging the use of educational software and view of TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities. We can sum up the functions of Mass and social media as: · Mass/social play important role in influencing the behavioural standard of children.· Media provide news and information required by the children.· Creative skills can be developed via social media, imagination, art, music and modeling skills can be developed u…

Implications of mass / social media in socialization of Nigerian child

IMPLICATIONS OF MASS /SOCIAL MEDIA IN SOCIALIZATION OF NIGERIAN CHILDThere is no doubt that the impact of the mass/social media on children lives is broadly considered within what is referred to as "media effects" debate which to a great extent focuses on the potentially negative impact of the media on children's lives: video violence, gambling, educational performance, mass consumerism, etc (Miles, 2000). The effect of mass/social media violence has been an issue of public concern almost from the inception of television in the early 1950s. The negative implications of mass/ social media on child socialization cannot be overemphasized as it has harmful effects on social and behavioural patterns life of the children. These are most pronounced when children concentrate on programmes of violence, crime and mystery on TV or social media. Terrifying programmes may affect the general physical condition of children by producing nightmares, nervous tensions, loss of sleep and p…

Roles of Social Media in our society

RECOMMENDATIONS From the study it was observed that mass/ social media plays a significant role in shaping the social behaviour of children as a result of the deluge of programmes they are exposed to. However, the influence of these programmes is insidious. They cannot be hindered from consuming these programmes, nevertheless, the following recommendations should be taken into consideration in order to minimize its negative influence on the children social behaviour;· Mass/ Social media programmes with high positive social values should be emphasized, while the negative social values should be de-emphasized. It has been noted that in most of the programmes that the children are exposed to, it is the negative values that are mostly portrayed, while the positive values are at the background. The cultural norms theorists' are of the view that through selective presentation and emphasis on certain themes in the media especially television, facebook, youtube and audience get the impress…

Common Errors In English. Nigerian Version

You're taking it personal ❌
You're taking it personally ✔️ He is matured ❌
He is mature ✔️
He has matured ✔️The reason is Because ❌
The reason is that ✔️My stuffs ❌
My stuff ✔️Night vigil ❌
Vigil ✔️Traveling bag ❌
Travel Bag ✔️As at when due ❌
As and when due ✔Be rest assured ❌
Rest assured ✔️I'm hearing you ❌
I can hear you ✔️My names are ❌
My name is ✔️All manners of ❌
All manner of ✔️She delivered a baby boy ❌
She was delivered of a baby boy ✔️Lacking behind ❌
Lagging behind ✔️Crack your brain ❌
Rack your brain ✔️Return it back ❌
Return it ✔️Nigeria comprises of 36 states ❌
Nigeria comprises 36 states ✔️
Nigeria is comprised of 36 states ✔️Wake keeping ❌
Wake keep ❌
Wake ✔️Exercise patience ❌
Be patient ✔️Barbing saloon ❌
Barber shop ✔️I forgot my phone at home ❌
I left my phone at home✔️Borrow me your pen ❌
Lend me your pen ✔️
May I borrow your pen ✔️More grease to your elbow ❌
More power to your elbow ✔️Funny enough, I've never liked him ❌

Never Blame Anybody In Life

Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Worst people give you a lesson and best people give you memories

The Education Mindset

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THE EDUCATOR'S MINDSET SERIES: THE ONLY ANSWER TO ALL QUESTIONS IN EDUCATION The answer to all questions in education keeps pointing me back to one thing; LEADERSHIP. Now right away, a teacher may see this and think that I am saying that they are not as crucial in the work that is done every day in the classrooms. In fact, I believe that the very opposite is true. The work of the teacher in the classrooms is the most significant thing needed to serve students (obviously). But is their (teachers) ability limited because of the culture of the school, the superfluous "extras" that seem to bombard teachers and limit their time to do what is essential, and the lack of meaningful professional learning? I have seen far too many administrators blame their teachers for the lack of moving forward. Similar to a teacher blaming a student for not getting good grades, if you try the same approach and continuously get poor results, perhaps it is not the person that you are …

Happy Birthday to you Matti Baqiyyat

Long life and prosperity to you on your birthday. May God Almighty prosper you and bless you. 

Happy birthday 

School Growth Tips

Are you wondering if your school is of a global standard?
Especially now, that the reality of happenings in our schools everyday is pointing to the fact that it is not about the name, location or school fee.
It is not until you call your school British or international, that defines it's standard.
There are cultures that guide schools with international standards;
*Class placement  * Curriculum framework  *Staff exposure  *Loving school environment  * Culture of punctuality.
Class placement : Primary 1 - Age 4+ to 5+ Primary 2 - Age 5+ to 6+ Primary 3 - Age 6+ - 7+ Primary 4 - Age 7+ - 8+ Primary 5 - Age 8+ - 9+ Primary 6 - Age 9+ - 10+
Curriculum Framework : Personal, social and Emotional development  1. General  2. Self - respect and self - confidence  3. Building relationships  4. Behavior and self control  5. Looking after oneself  6. A sense of community.
Communication, language and literacy : 1. Language for communicating  2. Language for thinking  3. Linking sounds with letters  4.R…

Parents let us be careful and always check the content of our pupils bags or shoes

I wish to express my anger and total disappointment in some Parents. 
How can a parent drop a child off at school without running a proper check on uniform, shoes and content of the bag? How? 
I'm totally disappointed in the kind of mothers we have today.  
A child came to school with scorpion in her shoes. Yes you heard me right!!! "Scorpion in her shoes". This happened in the class before mine.
This child is Just in year 1 (grade 1/primary 1). She came to school in tears,and was dragged down from the car all the way to class by her mum. The mother refused to offer any reasonable explanation and only said "don't mind her, she is being naughty, she doesn't want to come to school and is only using leg pain as an excuse".  In class, this child kept screaming at intervals while crying uncontrollably. She didn't participate in the drills as she came a little bit late. She didn't even touch her test paper either, she kept on screaming while her classmates …

Happy birthday

Happy birthday


becoming  a  better  leader

I checked up on studying leadership few years ago and there is a truth that touched my heart.

People don't quit organizations they quit people.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to always change your teacher's every term, then something is wrong with the leadership design of your school.

If your leverage of getting your members of staff to take action is delaying their salary, then there is something wrong with your leadership influence.

It's beautiful when you walk into a school and the see the mission and vision statement,

But the truth is you can never separate the leader from the message he/she delivers

Every message that people receive is filtered through the messenger who delivers it.

You cannot separate leaders from the causes they promote.

You must run your organization is such a way that your followers buy into you and also buy into your school

That means they like you and t…



Nigerians are creative shaaa

In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.
Today, you and I don't have a room in Shina's house but I have an account in Jim's bank and probably you do too.
Shina's house was built in Iju Lagos and remains there till date. Jim's bank started in a corner and now has over 500 branches in Nigeria, and many international branches.
Millions upon millions transact business in Jim's bank daily. Shina's house is becoming 2015, he SPENT more money to renovate the house and bought a Nissan Pathfinder with N10 million...additional liability, while in the same 2015, Jim's bank MADE a profit of N105.7 billion. 
Zenith bank employs hundreds of thousands, and feeds their families.
This is the difference between Assets and Liability. If you buy a car for N20 million today, in 20 years time, you will be ashamed to drive it. On the other hand, if you invest …

So strange about forty

This question got to me this morning and I am looking for someone to help unravel the answer . If you have time answer me Why Noah made the Ark in 40 days, why the rain/storm lasted for 40days, Why the Israelites walked through the desert for 40 years , Why the tower of barbel was built in 40 days, Why Jesus Christ fasted for 40days, and He ascended to heaven after 40 days. Why Easter is celebrated after 40 days. And they say Life begins at 40.   Even Pass mark starts at 40. And they also say "A fool @ 40 is a fool forever".   What's so special about 40? If you don't have an answer, please send to others we might get an answer.

🍏 *Eating Fruit on Empty Stomach 🍌

*Eating Fruit on Empty Stomach*
This will open your eyes ! Read to the end; and then, send it to others on your list as I just did to u!
Dr Stephen Mak treats terminal ill cancer patients by an "un-orthodox" way and many patients recovered.
Before he used solar energy to clear the illnesses of his patients, he believes on natural healing in the body against illnesses. See his article below.
It is one of the strategies to heal cancer. As of late, my success rate in curing cancer is about 80%.
Cancer patients shouldn't die. The cure for cancer is already found - *its in the way we eat fruits.*
It is whether you believe it or not.
I am sorry for the hundreds of cancer patients who die under the conventional treatments.
We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths.
It's not as easy as you think. It's important to know how and *when* to eat the fruits.
What is the correct way of eating fruits?

Let every child participate in the fun

This is nice buy kindly endeavor to feature all the pupils participating in the exercise either class by class to avoid emotional disturbances for the pupils back at home. 

Most pupils go through the page on their parents phone and when they discovere their picture is not inclusive, they get so offended, I think we should device means of getting all the children in the capturing and then post not at the demand of each parent.
Every child is important.
God bless our labour.

What is your school policies on debt recovery and fee prompt payments

Priorities and school culture.
Most parents owe because the school culture permits it, the school has no firm policy on payment of school fees and dues, even if they have they are not firm with it thereby giving the parents room to owe them.
Despite the economic conditions I know a lot of private schools that as at the 2nd week of resumption they already have 90% payment and the remaining 10%is usually accounted for before the end of the 3rd week.
What is your school vision?
Do your parents share your school vision with you?
Do your parents believe in your vision?
What type of school are you running?
Do you still as a school owner collect your fee yourself?
Give them reasons why they shouldn't owe.

*submission by Coach Rofiat*

Top 3 strategies for dealing with unpaid school fees

*Top 3 strategies for dealing with unpaid school fees*
1. Address Defaults Early with Parents

Parents are almost always able to meet Private School Tuition Fees at the start of a student's enrolment. However, the circumstances of parents can change very rapidly, and may not occur with any malicious intent of the parent.

A default in Tuition Fees may arise out of other difficult family circumstances, including an unexpected redundancy, family law proceedings or increased medical expenses to address a serious illness. These circumstances usually also have an effect on a student's education.

Picking up on a default early, and maintaining open and frank discussions between the School and the parent, allows for alternative suitable agreements to be put in place.  These documents do not prejudice the strict legal rights of the School or College if they are conducted on a "Without Prejudice" basis.

For example, if a parent is in default due to increased legal spend as Family Law…

Mobile and Portable swimming pool in our new school at Tapa Street

Pupils having a swell time enjoying swimming 

The Golden Rules


1. *Respect 3 People*
*. Teachers
*. Parents
*. Elderly

2. *Keep 3 things in you*
*. Honesty
*. Faith
*. Good Deeds

3. *Be Free from 3 things*
*. Arrogance
*. Cheating
*. Debts

4. *Control 3 things*
*. Tongue
*. Anger
*. Appetite

5. *Reject 3 things*
*. Bad deeds
*. Backbiting
*. Jealousy

6. *Obtain 3 things*
*. Knowledge
*. Understanding
*. Wisdom

7. *Build on 3 things*
*. Good counsel
*. Good Manners
*. Godliness with contentment

8. *Keep 3 things pure*
*. Body
*. Clothes
*. Thoughts

9. *Remember 3 things*
*. Death
*. Hell
*. Heaven

10. *Protect 3 things*
*. Family
*. Future
*. Friends

11. *Work on 3 things*
*. Vision
*. Trust
*. Faith

12. *Run away from 3 things*
*. Sin
*. Pride
*. Bad association

13. *Love 3 People*
*. God
*. Yourself
*. Others

*May the Almighty God continue to guide us and accept us, Ameen*

Know More About Your Computer

Know more about your computer.Ctrl+A - Select All Ctrl+B - Bold Ctrl+C - Copy  Ctrl+D - Fill Down Ctrl+F - Find Ctrl+G - Goto Ctrl+H - Replace Ctrl+I - Italic Ctrl+K - Insert Hyperlink Ctrl+N - New Workbook Ctrl+O - Open Ctrl+P - Print Ctrl+R - Fill Right Ctrl+S - Save Ctrl+U - Underline Ctrl+V - Paste Ctrl W - Close Ctrl+X - Cut Ctrl+Y - Repeat Ctrl+Z - Undo F1 - Help F2 - Edit F3 - Paste Name F4 - Repeat last action F4 - While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs F5 - Goto F6 - Next Pane F7 - Spell check F8 - Extend mode F9 - Recalculate all workbooks F10 - Activate Menu bar F11 - New Chart F12 - Save As Ctrl+: - Insert Current Time Ctrl+; - Insert Current Date Ctrl+" - Copy Value from Cell Above Ctrl+' - Copy Formula from Cell Above Shift - Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel's menu Shift+F1 - What's This? Shift+F2 - Edit cell comment Shift+F3 - Paste function into formula Shift+F4 - Find Next Shift+F5 - Find Shift+F6 - Previous Pane Shift+F8 - Add to selection Shift+F9 - Calc…

What type of person are you

*If numbers in Mathematics where given an opportunity to speak I think some where going to accuse zero and one . Because any number that is multiplied by zero gives zero. Zero will bring down numbers to nothing.There are some people in life who are like number zero, if you associate with them no matter how great your value is they will bring you down to zero. How about one. Any number multiplied by one remains unchanged nomatter how big it is. There are people or doctrines in life which are like one in that no matter how they touch your life you remain the same you don't grow, you dont improve you remain at the same level. So here is the twist, what kind of person are you? I pray that God helps us grow and be greater than 1 so that when we touch the lives of others we add value. Sometimes it's difficult to be greater than 1 because you may be tired, or afraid or angry, in that case just stop and pray, ask God to make you greater than 1 in Jesus Christ. Amen*

Asset versus Liability

*Asset vs Liability* 
One day, the son of a rich man, who was an undergraduate, approached his father and the following discussion took place. Son: Dad, may I speak with you? Dad: Go ahead. Son: Among all my classmates, I am the only one without a car. It is embarrassing. Dad: What do you want me to do? Son: I need a car. I don't want to feel odd. Dad: Do you have a particular car in mind? Son: Yes dad (smiling) Dad: How much? Son: $1600 Dad: I will give you the money on one condition. Son: What is the condition? Dad: You will not use the money to buy a car but invest it. If you make enough profit from the investment, you can go ahead and buy the car. Son. Deal. Then, the father gave him a cheque of $300. The son cashed the cheque and invested him in obedience to the verbal agreement that he had with his father.
Some months later, the father asked the son how he was faring. The son responded that his business was improving. The father left him.
After some months again, the father asked him about his busi…

Salary Palavar In Nigeria

Daughter:- Ekule bami, how is everybody in the village ?
Father:- Welcome my daughter, everybody is fine in the village. How was your trip?
Daughter:- My trip was fine sir.
Father:- Who is this gentleman beside you ?
Daughter:- (Smile) Daddy, as we have discussed earlier on phone, he is my fiancée his name is Aremu.
Father: Omo mi (My Son) you're welcome. How is everything?
Fiancée: I am doing fine sir. E se pupo
Father: My daughter, I'm so lucky to have this handsome here as my in-law to be.
Daughter: Thank you baami.
Father: Your fiancée is from which town?
Daughter: (Smile) My fiancée is from Iragbiji town.
Father: Is iragbiji town under Lagos state or which state ?
Daughter: O ti oooo, iragbiji town is under Osun state.
Father: Osun what! OK, which work is he doin…

Jss 1 Basic Science Second term examination


INSTRUCTION: Answer ALL the questions.
Organisms which are able to make their own food are said to be ___________. (a) autotrophic (b) commensal (c) heterotrophic (d) parasitic (e) saprophytic
Malaria is transmitted through the bite of ________mosquito. (a) aedes (b) female anopheles (c) female culex (d) male anopheles (e) male culex
Animals that feed on both plants and animals are called ______.(a) carnivores (b) frugivores (c) herbivores (d) omnivores (e) scavengers
Which of the following illustrates the life cycle of mosquito? (a) Adult---Larva---pupa---egg (b) egg---larva---adult (c) egg---larva---pupa---adult (d) egg---nymph---adult (e) egg---pupa---larva---adult.
Which of the following is not a natural source of water? (a) reservoir (b) river (c) spring (d) stream (e) well
Which of …

Relationship between teachers are just as important as relationship with students. When you feel comfortably you share openly


The need to retell Baba Ọpẹ's story

Baba Ope is a Mathematics teacher of a school situated at the heart of University of Ibadan.The name of the school is Abadina Secondary school just within the prestigious University of ibadan ,Oyo state.In the University, there are two secondary schools- Abadina Secondary school and International secondary school. The former is for children of clerks, technicians and other people living around the University while the latter is for children of professors and senior lecturers. Baba Ope is a conscientious Mathematics teacher who works selflessly and held free evening tutorial for students daily. Some of the children of the professor got curious and peeps into his class which was usually under a tree in front of Abadina Secondary school from time to time. Eight of the professors' children got interested in Baba Ope's Mathematics lectures and decided to join. They joined the class and attended the lectures for two years after which they all sat for an external examination. Flabberg…

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen 

Touch the wall clock

Take better control of things that really matter to you and stop wishing

I'm not wishing anybody anything for 2018, I am tired of wishing every year:* For HEALTH: see the doctor regularly, eat well, work out and worry less. * For MONEY: reduce your sleep to 6 hours a day, watch less of Tv, disengage from wrong associations, increase your work time and Pray always for Divine help. *For LOVE: be honest and sincere in your relationships. *For HAPPINESS: follow peace with all men and love your Neighbour as thyself. *For FINANCES: have a budget for everything you want do, reduce your borrowing anointing in 2018. Don't try to impress anybody while "depressing" yourself in the process. Your Children School fees, your accommodation and your general lifestyle must be within your income range... Take more responsibility for your livelihood in 2018 and it will surprise you what God can do. God bless you!

Photo from God is the best Healer