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Functions of mass /social media in the Nigerian society

FUNCTIONS OF MASS/ SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE SOCIALIZATION OF THE NIGERIAN CHILD Mass/Social media sites allow children to accomplish certain tasks that are considered important to them such as staying connected with friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas. On the other hand, social media participation also can offer young children deeper benefits that extend into their view of self, community and the world. This becomes more beneficial if adults get involved with children and guide in the use of media through visit to quality websites by engaging the use of educational software and view of TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities. We can sum up the functions of Mass and social media as:

· Mass/social play important role in influencing the behavioural standard of children.

· Media provide news and information required by the children.

· Creative skills can be developed via social media, imagination, art, music and modeling skills can be developed using software to create pictures.

· Values are acquired by observing good role models on the media

· Media helps a democracy function effectively. They inform the children about government policies and programmes and how these programmes can be useful to them. This helps the people voice their feelings and helps the government to make necessary changes in their policies or programmes.

· Literacy skills – For example learning letters of alphabets through programmes such as play school or educational computer games.

· Numeracy skills: Learning to count through play school programmes.

· Mass/Social media serve as entertainment to the children

· Mass/Social media can act as an agent of change in development of child in the society.

· Mass/ Social media has brought people of the world closer to each other.

· Media promote trade and industry through advertisements

· Media can help the political and democratic processes of a country.

·  Media can bring in positive social changes.

· Media content provides topics for conversation with family members, friends, and colleagues that may allow for deeper social bonding.

· Social Skills: Learning operations of TV programmes and using computer games and websites like ABC for kids that show cooperative and helping behaviours.

· Intellectual skills like developing problem-solving and critical thinking as well as paying more attention to developing morals by comparing family values with those found in fiction and documentary content.

Implications of mass / social media in socialization of Nigerian child



There is no doubt that the impact of the mass/social media on children lives is broadly considered within what is referred to as "media effects" debate which to a great extent focuses on the potentially negative impact of the media on children's lives: video violence, gambling, educational performance, mass consumerism, etc (Miles, 2000).

The effect of mass/social media violence has been an issue of public concern almost from the inception of television in the early 1950s. 

The negative implications of mass/ social media on child socialization cannot be overemphasized as it has harmful effects on social and behavioural patterns life of the children. These are most pronounced when children concentrate on programmes of violence, crime and mystery on TV or social media. Terrifying programmes may affect the general physical condition of children by producing nightmares, nervous tensions, loss of sleep and poor appétit. Children who spend much of their time listening to the radio/music get too little exercise for normal development and healthy physical condition. Their school work may suffer because they do not give enough time to their studies and do not concentrates when they are studying. As with any other form of amusement, too much time spent on social media and watching of Tv may be regarded as a danger of poor personal and social adjustment.  Other negative effects of mass/social media on children include:  

· Television and Youtube watching cuts into the time available for other play activities, especially outdoor play with other children. It also leaves little time for creative play or different forms of amusement.

· Mass/social media present materials in such an exciting and vivid way that school books can hardly compete with it for children's interest and attention. As a result, they often find school books boring.

· Characters in mass or any social media are usually presented as stereotypes and children come to think of all people in a given group as having the same qualities as the people on the screen. This influences children's attitudes toward them.

· Children are imitators, they feel that what has the stamp of approval of a television or social media programme must be an accepted way for them to behave. Because law-abiding heroes or heroines are less glamorous than those who win attention by violence and other unsocial acts, children tend to use the latter to identify with and imitate.

· Mass/ social media can create negative cultural impacts on children, if their exposure to media is not properly supervised by adults

· Cyberbullying: This is quite common among very young children and it can cause psychological trauma such as anxiety, depression, severe isolation, etc.(O'Keeffe et, al (2011)

· Mass/social media tend to expose children to cybercrimes and danger situations  such as robbery, kidnapping, murdering. All these negative cases or situations can happen to the children due to the sharing of details on the media (Siddiqui et al, 2016)

· Constant exposure of children to media may reduce the analytical skills and critical thinking of children in solving problems.

· It can lead to deflective social relationship, spending countless hours on the internet makes children spend very limited time with family and actual friends. This weak en the family bond and limit interaction with actual people. These affected children miss out on real life interaction with different relatives which results in distorted social skills ( Undiyaundeye, 2014)

· Sexting: sexting is another negative effect of mass/social media that is fast destroying the moral foundation of children. Sexting is defined as sending, receiving or forwarding sexually explicit messages, photographs or images via cell phones, computer or other digital devices.

· Nudity: This is the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind. So some youths pose nude or semi- nude and post same to the social media (Mitchell et al, 2012) opined that 9.6% of youth receive or create or appear in nude images etc.

Roles of Social Media in our society


From the study it was observed that mass/ social media plays a significant role in shaping the social behaviour of children as a result of the deluge of programmes they are exposed to. However, the influence of these programmes is insidious. They cannot be hindered from consuming these programmes, nevertheless, the following recommendations should be taken into consideration in order to minimize its negative influence on the children social behaviour;

· Mass/ Social media programmes with high positive social values should be emphasized, while the negative social values should be de-emphasized. It has been noted that in most of the programmes that the children are exposed to, it is the negative values that are mostly portrayed, while the positive values are at the background. The cultural norms theorists' are of the view that through selective presentation and emphasis on certain themes in the media especially television, facebook, youtube and audience get the impression that such themes are clearly defined as part of the cultural norms of the society e.g. use of alcohol, cigarettes, spray of money, sex appeal, etc in some musical videos.

· The family is one social institution that also plays a vital role in shaping the social behaviour of children. Therefore, parents and guardians should devote adequate time to educate their children on what they watch on the social media. This is because most times they cannot effectively regulate or monitor what their children watch or view via social media. For instance, the need for proper and effective sex education from the family point of view will help the child avoid teenage pregnancy.

· Advice parents to talk to their children and adolescents about their online use and the specific issues that today's online kids face -Advice parents to work on their own participation gap in their homes by becoming better educated about the many technologies youngsters are using.

· Pediatricians and child educators are expected to increase their knowledge of digital technology so that they can have a more educated frame of reference for the tools their parents/clients and families are using.

· Families can be provided with information on challenging issues that kids face online and reputable online resources like tips on sexting, public education site, healthy and social media.

Common Errors In English. Nigerian Version

You're taking it personal ❌
You're taking it personally ✔️

He is matured ❌
He is mature ✔️
He has matured ✔️

The reason is Because ❌
The reason is that ✔️

My stuffs ❌
My stuff ✔️

Night vigil ❌
Vigil ✔️

Traveling bag ❌
Travel Bag ✔️

As at when due ❌
As and when due ✔

Be rest assured ❌
Rest assured ✔️

I'm hearing you ❌
I can hear you ✔️

My names are ❌
My name is ✔️

All manners of ❌
All manner of ✔️

She delivered a baby boy ❌
She was delivered of a baby boy ✔️

Lacking behind ❌
Lagging behind ✔️

Crack your brain ❌
Rack your brain ✔️

Return it back ❌
Return it ✔️

Nigeria comprises of 36 states ❌
Nigeria comprises 36 states ✔️
Nigeria is comprised of 36 states ✔️

Wake keeping ❌
Wake keep ❌
Wake ✔️

Exercise patience ❌
Be patient ✔️

Barbing saloon ❌
Barber shop ✔️

I forgot my phone at home ❌
I left my phone at home✔️

Borrow me your pen ❌
Lend me your pen ✔️
May I borrow your pen ✔️

More grease to your elbow ❌
More power to your elbow ✔️

Funny enough, I've never liked him ❌
Funnily enough, I've never liked him ✔️

My body is scratching me ❌
My body itches ✔️

Letterhead paper ❌
Letterhead ✔️

I'm not your mate ❌
We're not mates ✔️

You're mannerless ❌
You're ill-mannered ✔️

Horn at the car in front ❌
Honk at the car in front ✔️

Happy birthday in arrears ❌
Happy belated birthday ❌
Belated happy birthday ✔️

I will sleep at 10pm ❌
I will go to bed at 10pm ✔️

Just when I thought I have seen it all ❌
Just when I thought I had seen it all ✔️

First come, First serve ❌
First come, First served ✔️

Please dash me ❌
Please hand it on to me ✔️
Please give me ✔️

I have a running nose ❌
I have a runny nose ✔️

I have a running stomach ❌
I have a runny stomach ❌
I have an upset stomach ✔️

Happy birthday in addy =Happy birthday in address ❌❌❌

Working Experience ❌
Work Experience ✔

Never Blame Anybody In Life

Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. Worst people give you a lesson and best people give you memories 

The Education Mindset

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THE EDUCATOR'S MINDSET SERIES: THE ONLY ANSWER TO ALL QUESTIONS IN EDUCATION The answer to all questions in education keeps pointing me back to one thing; LEADERSHIP. Now right away, a teacher may see this and think that I am saying that they are not as crucial in the work that is done every day in the classrooms. In fact, I believe that the very opposite is true. The work of the teacher in the classrooms is the most significant thing needed to serve students (obviously). But is their (teachers) ability limited because of the culture of the school, the superfluous "extras" that seem to bombard teachers and limit their time to do what is essential, and the lack of meaningful professional learning? I have seen far too many administrators blame their teachers for the lack of moving forward. Similar to a teacher blaming a student for not getting good grades, if you try the same approach and continuously get poor results, perhaps it is not the person that you are serving that is the issue. Of course, I believe that there are always elements of personal responsibility in our work and learning that are important, but how one is supported makes a significant difference through the process. But not all of our days are like that. And when they aren't, it often is a reflection of what the administrators do, their vision, and how they support their staff in their development. They can work within the constraints of what they have to do, and do what needs to be done. They are not only called "leaders," but they actually "lead." This is not about any one person passing responsibility on to someone else, but understanding how important the role of an administrator is in ensuring that students, teachers, and all staff are successful. Many educators have a tremendous impact not only on their classrooms but their schools in spite of weak leadership. Imagine how much more they could do though if they had great administrators supporting them? Many educators do not realize this until they work with a great leader, or sometimes, unfortunately, they realize when they receive the opposite. If you are in a leadership position and things don't seem to be working, ask first what you can do differently and better before pointing fingers at others. I have never seen a great school that has sustained greatness with weak leadership. I love this quote from Eric Thomas: "Success does not require you to look out the window, It only requires that you look in the mirror." We can all do better, but when in positions of leadership, legacy is created by what the people you serve do. So let's keep finding a way until we get it right

Happy Birthday to you Matti Baqiyyat

Long life and prosperity to you on your birthday. May God Almighty prosper you and bless you. 

Happy birthday 

School Growth Tips


Are you wondering if your school is of a global standard?

Especially now, that the reality of happenings in our schools everyday is pointing to the fact that it is not about the name, location or school fee.

It is not until you call your school British or international, that defines it's standard.

There are cultures that guide schools with international standards;

*Class placement 
* Curriculum framework 
*Staff exposure 
*Loving school environment 
* Culture of punctuality.

Class placement :
Primary 1 - Age 4+ to 5+
Primary 2 - Age 5+ to 6+
Primary 3 - Age 6+ - 7+
Primary 4 - Age 7+ - 8+
Primary 5 - Age 8+ - 9+
Primary 6 - Age 9+ - 10+

Curriculum Framework :
Personal, social and Emotional development 
1. General 
2. Self - respect and self - confidence 
3. Building relationships 
4. Behavior and self control 
5. Looking after oneself 
6. A sense of community.

Communication, language and literacy :
1. Language for communicating 
2. Language for thinking 
3. Linking sounds with letters 
5. Writing 
6. Handwriting.

Mathematics Development 
1. Figures as symbols and a means of counting
3.Shapes, space and measurement.

Knowledge and understanding of the world :
1. Research and investigation 
2. Design and creative skills 
3. Information Technology and communication 
4. Sense of Time (History) 
5. Sense of place
6. Culture and beliefs ( Geography).

Physical Development 
1. Movement ( dance classes) 
2. Sense of place and location 
3. Health and how to take care of it(Health Education) 
4. Use of sports equipments

Creative Development 
1. Exploring media resources and materials 
2. Music 
3. Imagination 
4. Responding to what has been learnt and using it to communicate and express oneself.

Curriculum for primary in global standard school :
1. English language 
2. Mathematics 
3. Science 
4. Geography 
5. History 
6. Music 
7. Physical Education 
8. Design Technology 
9. Information Technology.

If you research into all curricular you know, they cover all of the above, they be in different forms but they are all designed to meet the need of the child to become complete, to solve problems for the society at large.

Culture of respect and kindness;
In a global standard school, it is the responsibility of the school to set rules that will foster respect and kindness towards each other. Parents should be given orientation on how to reinforce this culture at home.

The school must celebrate character, not the brand of cars parents are driving.

Read and please work on it.

Coach Enitan.

Parents let us be careful and always check the content of our pupils bags or shoes

I wish to express my anger and total disappointment in some Parents. 

How can a parent drop a child off at school without running a proper check on uniform, shoes and content of the bag?

I'm totally disappointed in the kind of mothers we have today.  

A child came to school with scorpion in her shoes. Yes you heard me right!!! "Scorpion in her shoes". This happened in the class before mine.

This child is Just in year 1 (grade 1/primary 1). She came to school in tears,and was dragged down from the car all the way to class by her mum. The mother refused to offer any reasonable explanation and only said "don't mind her, she is being naughty, she doesn't want to come to school and is only using leg pain as an excuse". 
In class, this child kept screaming at intervals while crying uncontrollably. She didn't participate in the drills as she came a little bit late. She didn't even touch her test paper either, she kept on screaming while her classmates chanted the usual anthem, "you'll be fine,sorry,you'll be fine". It was time for tea break, she let out another scream,this time stamping her feet on the floor, scattering everything placed on the table in front of her. Her teacher asked what the problem was and she said her leg. The teacher beckoned on her to come, but noticed she couldn't move and her leg was stretched out,looking stiff. The teacher walked over to her and told her to point to the exact place but the child just kept crying and said her shoes. Well the teacher had to take her shoes off and tapped it on the floor, turning it upside down probably to get Sand out of the shoes or something. 

My dear friends, it wasn't sand, no it wasn't, it was a black Scorpion that fell out of the shoe.  
The shock! 
The fear! 

The other children didn't even know what it was, but were smart to obey their teacher as she screamed at them to run out of class. The teacher mustered courage and hit the Scorpion while screaming for help. The cleaners rushed in and made sure that the Scorpion was dead. The school rang the mum to come over, because this is obviously not a case of Panadol or Paracetamol. The child had to be cut up and fast too but not without the consent of her mother. Her eyes had changed and were blood shot. The spot where the Scorpion stung (only God in heaven knows how many times) had turned black, I mean black! The leg was already stiff, Kai my brothers and sisters with what my eyes saw today, that child was in pains. Her mother came and they had to cut the spot open first before taking her to the hospital. 

My question still remains how could a mother be this careless? This isn't about whether the woman is a dirty woman at home or not. How can you ignore the complains of your own child without running proper checks to ensure that the child is fine and just being Crankie. 

How dear mum? How? 
I pray Zara survives it, I pray she gets better, God please for the sake of those little ones that held hands and prayed today, please answer us, I beg of thee. This child is just in Grade 1 (primary 1)

I'm really sad! I'm tagging some parents to this. Please be more observant and pay more attention. I beg you all please. 



_Let's all make a habit of thoroughly checking our shoes out before wear it._

Happy birthday

Happy birthday


becoming  a  better  leader

I checked up on studying leadership few years ago and there is a truth that touched my heart.

People don't quit organizations they quit people.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to always change your teacher's every term, then something is wrong with the leadership design of your school.

If your leverage of getting your members of staff to take action is delaying their salary, then there is something wrong with your leadership influence.

It's beautiful when you walk into a school and the see the mission and vision statement,

But the truth is you can never separate the leader from the message he/she delivers

Every message that people receive is filtered through the messenger who delivers it.

You cannot separate leaders from the causes they promote.

You must run your organization is such a way that your followers buy into you and also buy into your school

That means they like you and they like your school
This doesn't always have to do with a high pay.

It has to do with

1. The Morale in your organization
2. The influence you have with your members of staff


1. When followers don't like the leader or the vision of the organization what they do is they look for another leader and another organization

2. When followers like the leader but don't really like the vision of the organization, they stay back to help make changes in the organization

3. When followers like the organization but they don't like the leader, they find another leader within the organization that has more influence than the supposed leader

4. When followers like the leader and they like the vision of the organization, they become extremely committed and creative to see great things been accomplished.

Look at your members of staff and parents and categorize them according to how people buy int your leadership.
Let me know your thoughts….


Nigerians are creative shaaa


In 1990, Shina Peters built a house with N20 million naira; the same year Jim Ovia started Zenith Bank with the same amount.

Today, you and I don't have a room in Shina's house but I have an account in Jim's bank and probably you do too.

Shina's house was built in Iju Lagos and remains there till date.
Jim's bank started in a corner and now has over 500 branches in Nigeria, and many international branches.

Millions upon millions transact business in Jim's bank daily.
Shina's house is becoming 2015, he SPENT more money to renovate the house and bought a Nissan Pathfinder with N10 million...additional liability, while in the same 2015, Jim's bank MADE a profit of N105.7 billion. 

Zenith bank employs hundreds of thousands, and feeds their families.

This is the difference between Assets and Liability. If you buy a car for N20 million today, in 20 years time, you will be ashamed to drive it. On the other hand, if you invest that same amount in a lucrative business or in an asset, It may be worth billions in 20 years. ( Jim Ovia is now worth $980 million dollars, with the official dollar rate of N320, that means he is worth N313 BILLION NAIRA because of an investment of N20 million).

Spend the little money you have today wisely. Some people driving expensive cars today, are not aware that they are driving their future and the future of their children. Some people carrying iphone7 today, may not be aware that they are carrying their future. 

When you are young, don't spend money. Invest it. 
Every penny in your hand is like a seed, you can decide to eat it, or sow it. When you sow it, it will bear much more seeds later in future.

If this post make sense to you, please encourage someone else by sending to them.

Let's be wise.

So strange about forty

This question got to me this morning and I am looking for someone to help unravel the answer . If you have time answer me 
Why Noah made the Ark in 40 days, why the rain/storm lasted for 40days, Why the Israelites walked through the desert for 40 years , Why the tower of barbel was built in 40 days, Why Jesus Christ fasted for 40days, and He ascended to heaven after 40 days. Why Easter is celebrated after 40 days. And they say Life begins at 40.  
Even Pass mark starts at 40. And they also say "A fool @ 40 is a fool forever". 
 What's so special about 40?
If you don't have an answer, please send to others we might get an answer.

🍏 *Eating Fruit on Empty Stomach 🍌


*Eating Fruit on Empty Stomach*

This will open your eyes ! Read to the end; and then, send it to others on your list as I just did to u!

Dr Stephen Mak treats terminal ill cancer patients by an "un-orthodox" way and many patients recovered.

Before he used solar energy to clear the illnesses of his patients, he believes on natural healing in the body against illnesses. See his article below.

It is one of the strategies to heal cancer. As of late, my success rate in curing cancer is about 80%.

Cancer patients shouldn't die. The cure for cancer is already found - *its in the way we eat fruits.*

It is whether you believe it or not.

I am sorry for the hundreds of cancer patients who die under the conventional treatments.


We all think eating fruits means just buying fruits, cutting it and just popping it into our mouths.

It's not as easy as you think. It's important to know how and *when* to eat the fruits.

What is the correct way of eating fruits?


If you eat fruits on empty stomach, it will play a major role to detoxify your system, supplying you with a great deal of energy for weight loss and other life activities. 


Let's say you eat two slices of bread and then a slice of fruit.

The slice of fruit is ready to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but it is prevented from doing so due to the bread taken before the fruit.

In the meantime the whole meal of bread & fruit rots and ferments and turns to acid. 

The minute the fruit comes into contact with the food in the stomach and digestive juices, the entire mass of food begins to spoil.

So please eat your fruits on an *empty stomach* *or before your meals !*

You have heard people complaining : 

Every time I eat watermelon I burp, when I eat durian my stomach bloats up, when I eat a banana I feel like running to the toilet, etc.. etc..

Actually all this will not arise if you eat the fruit on _an empty stomach._

The fruit mixes with the putrefying of other food and produces gas and hence you will bloat !

Greying hair, balding, nervous outburst and dark circles under the eyes all these will *NOT* *happen if you take fruits on an empty stomach.*

There is no such thing as some fruits, like orange and lemon are acidic, because all fruits become alkaline in our body, according to Dr. Herbert Shelton who did research on this matter. 

If you have mastered the correct way of eating fruits, you have the *SECRET of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness and normal weight.*

When you need to drink fruit juice - *drink only fresh fruit juice,* NOT from the cans, packs or bottles.

Don't even drink juice that has been heated up. 

Don't eat cooked fruits because you don't get the nutrients at all. 

You only get its taste.
Cooking destroys all the vitamins.

But eating a whole fruit is better than drinking the juice.

If you should drink the fresh fruit juice, drink it mouthful by mouthful slowly, because you must let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it. 

You can go on a 3-day fruit fast to cleanse or detoxify your body. 

Just eat fruits and drink fresh fruit juice throughout the 3 days.

And you will be surprised when your friends tell you how radiant you look !

*KIWI fruit:*
Tiny but mighty. 
This is a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E & fiber. Its vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? 
Although an apple has a low vitamin C content, it has antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of vitamin C thereby _helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke._ 

Protective Fruit. 
Strawberries have the highest total antioxidant power among major fruits & protect the body from cancer-causing, blood vessel-clogging and free radicals. 

Sweetest medicine. 
Taking 2-4 oranges a day may _help keep colds away, lower cholesterol, prevent & dissolve kidney stones as well as lessens the risk of colon cancer._

Coolest thirst quencher. Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione, which _helps boost our immune system._

They are also *a key source of lycopene the cancer fighting oxidant.*
Other nutrients found in watermelon are vitamin C & Potassium. 

Top awards for vitamin C. They are the clear winners for their high vitamin C content.

Guava is also rich in fiber, which _helps prevent constipation._

Papaya is rich in carotene; this is _good for your eyes._

*Drinking COLD water or drinks after a meal = CANCER*

Can you believe this ?

For those who like to drink cold water or cold drinks, this article is applicable to you. 

It is nice to have a cup of cold water or cold drinks after a meal.

*However, the cold water or drinks will solidify the oily stuff that you have just eaten.*

*It will slow down the digestion.*

*Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food.*

*It will line the intestine.*

*Very soon, this will turn into FATS and lead to CANCER !*

_*It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.*_

Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive.

A cardiologist says: 
if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life.

So lets do it

Let every child participate in the fun

This is nice buy kindly endeavor to feature all the pupils participating in the exercise either class by class to avoid emotional disturbances for the pupils back at home. 

Most pupils go through the page on their parents phone and when they discovere their picture is not inclusive, they get so offended, I think we should device means of getting all the children in the capturing and then post not at the demand of each parent.
Every child is important.
God bless our labour.

What is your school policies on debt recovery and fee prompt payments

Priorities and school culture.
Most parents owe because the school culture permits it, the school has no firm policy on payment of school fees and dues, even if they have they are not firm with it thereby giving the parents room to owe them.
Despite the economic conditions I know a lot of private schools that as at the 2nd week of resumption they already have 90% payment and the remaining 10%is usually accounted for before the end of the 3rd week.
What is your school vision?
Do your parents share your school vision with you?
Do your parents believe in your vision?
What type of school are you running?
Do you still as a school owner collect your fee yourself?
Give them reasons why they shouldn't owe.

*submission by Coach Rofiat*

Top 3 strategies for dealing with unpaid school fees

*Top 3 strategies for dealing with unpaid school fees*
1. Address Defaults Early with Parents

Parents are almost always able to meet Private School Tuition Fees at the start of a student's enrolment. However, the circumstances of parents can change very rapidly, and may not occur with any malicious intent of the parent.

A default in Tuition Fees may arise out of other difficult family circumstances, including an unexpected redundancy, family law proceedings or increased medical expenses to address a serious illness. These circumstances usually also have an effect on a student's education.

Picking up on a default early, and maintaining open and frank discussions between the School and the parent, allows for alternative suitable agreements to be put in place.  These documents do not prejudice the strict legal rights of the School or College if they are conducted on a "Without Prejudice" basis.

For example, if a parent is in default due to increased legal spend as Family Law Proceedings are afoot, it may be possible to reach agreement for alternative suitable arrangements (e.g. School Fees are deferred and paid out of a Family Property Settlement).

Engaging early with parents may not just prevent unpaid School Fees from "spiralling out of control", but allow a School to pre-empt any future legal issues that may arise out of the family's changing circumstances (e.g. it is common for Schools to get unnecessarily caught in the middle of Family Law Proceedings).

In our experience, un-addressed defaults are the ones at risk of "spiralling out of control". A parent's capacity to repay is reduced as additional costs are added to the debt, or other debtors commence recovery action against the parent.

2. Involving a Lawyer

Retaining a lawyer has a number of added benefits over retaining a debt collector.

Receiving a Letter of Demand from a lawyer on their letterhead is usually a firm reminder to the debtor of the seriousness of an unpaid debt. Such a letter will usually remind the debtor that an unpaid debt gives rights to the School to commence Legal Proceedings.

In the event the Letter of Demand is ignored, a Lawyer is able to assist the School in escalating legal proceedings in pursuit of the debt. A debt collector will need to engage Lawyers to do this.

Lawyers are also highly regulated by strict ethical duties (although Debt Collectors are also highly regulated). This assists in the preserving the reputation of the School.

A Lawyer also has a better understanding of associated legal risks, and are able to advise you on preparing enforceable agreements if alternative payment terms are agreed upon with the parent.

3. Enrolment Contract Review

Having a clearly worded and enforceable Enrolment Contract can be an effective deterrent against potential defaults.

For a School, it is important to review the Enrolment Contract from an enforcement perspective. Steps should be taken to ensure that an Enrolment Contract is able to be relied upon to enforce matters such as (without limitation):

Payment of up-front monies;Termination in event of un-remedied default;Payable notice in the event of early termination by parent;Interest payable on unpaid monies; andPassing on additional costs of recovery (i.e. legal fees).

Mobile and Portable swimming pool in our new school at Tapa Street

Pupils having a swell time enjoying swimming 

The Golden Rules


1. *Respect 3 People*
*. Teachers
*. Parents
*. Elderly

2. *Keep 3 things in you*
*. Honesty
*. Faith
*. Good Deeds

3. *Be Free from 3 things*
*. Arrogance
*. Cheating
*. Debts

4. *Control 3 things*
*. Tongue
*. Anger
*. Appetite

5. *Reject 3 things*
*. Bad deeds
*. Backbiting
*. Jealousy

6. *Obtain 3 things*
*. Knowledge
*. Understanding
*. Wisdom

7. *Build on 3 things*
*. Good counsel
*. Good Manners
*. Godliness with contentment

8. *Keep 3 things pure*
*. Body
*. Clothes
*. Thoughts

9. *Remember 3 things*
*. Death
*. Hell
*. Heaven

10. *Protect 3 things*
*. Family
*. Future
*. Friends

11. *Work on 3 things*
*. Vision
*. Trust
*. Faith

12. *Run away from 3 things*
*. Sin
*. Pride
*. Bad association

13. *Love 3 People*
*. God
*. Yourself
*. Others

*May the Almighty God continue to guide us and accept us, Ameen*

Know More About Your Computer

Know more about your computer.
Ctrl+A - Select All
Ctrl+B - Bold
Ctrl+C - Copy 
Ctrl+D - Fill Down
Ctrl+F - Find
Ctrl+G - Goto
Ctrl+H - Replace
Ctrl+I - Italic
Ctrl+K - Insert Hyperlink
Ctrl+N - New Workbook
Ctrl+O - Open
Ctrl+P - Print
Ctrl+R - Fill Right
Ctrl+S - Save
Ctrl+U - Underline
Ctrl+V - Paste
Ctrl W - Close
Ctrl+X - Cut
Ctrl+Y - Repeat
Ctrl+Z - Undo
F1 - Help
F2 - Edit
F3 - Paste Name
F4 - Repeat last action
F4 - While typing a formula, switch between absolute/relative refs
F5 - Goto
F6 - Next Pane
F7 - Spell check
F8 - Extend mode
F9 - Recalculate all workbooks
F10 - Activate Menu bar
F11 - New Chart
F12 - Save As
Ctrl+: - Insert Current Time
Ctrl+; - Insert Current Date
Ctrl+" - Copy Value from Cell Above
Ctrl+' - Copy Formula from Cell Above
Shift - Hold down shift for additional functions in Excel's menu
Shift+F1 - What's This?
Shift+F2 - Edit cell comment
Shift+F3 - Paste function into formula
Shift+F4 - Find Next
Shift+F5 - Find
Shift+F6 - Previous Pane
Shift+F8 - Add to selection
Shift+F9 - Calculate active worksheet
Shift+F10 - Display shortcut menu
Shift+F11 - New worksheet
Ctrl+F3 - Define name
Ctrl+F4 - Close
Ctrl+F5 - XL, Restore window size
Ctrl+F6 - Next workbook window
Shift+Ctrl+F6 - Previous workbook window
Ctrl+F7 - Move window
Ctrl+F8 - Resize window
Ctrl+F9 - Minimize workbook
Ctrl+F10 - Maximize or restore window
Ctrl+F11 - Inset 4.0 Macro sheet
Ctrl+F1 - File Open
Alt+F1 - Insert Chart
Alt+F2 - Save As
Alt+F4 - Exit
Alt+Down arrow - Display AutoComplete list
Alt+' - Format Style dialog box
Ctrl+Shift+~ - General format
Ctrl+Shift+! - Comma format
Ctrl+Shift+@ - Time format
Ctrl+Shift+# - Date format
Ctrl+Shift+$ - Currency format
Ctrl+Shift+% - Percent format
Ctrl+Shift+^ - Exponential format
Ctrl+Shift+& - Place outline border around selected cells
Ctrl+Shift+_ - Remove outline border
Ctrl+Shift+* - Select current region
Ctrl++ - Insert
Ctrl+- - Delete
Ctrl+1 - Format cells dialog box
Ctrl+2 - Bold
Ctrl+3 - Italic
Ctrl+4 - Underline
Ctrl+5 - Strikethrough
Ctrl+6 - Show/Hide objects
Ctrl+7 - Show/Hide Standard toolbar
Ctrl+8 - Toggle Outline symbols
Ctrl+9 - Hide rows
Ctrl+0 - Hide columns
Ctrl+Shift+( - Unhide rows
Ctrl+Shift+) - Unhide columns
Alt or F10 - Activate the menu
Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: next toolbar
Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In toolbar: previous toolbar
Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate next workbook 
Shift+Ctrl+Tab - In a workbook: activate previous workbook
Tab - Next tool
Shift+Tab - Previous tool
Enter - Do the command
Shift+Ctrl+F - Font Drop down List
Shift+Ctrl+F+F - Font tab of Format Cell Dialog box
Shift+Ctrl+P - Point size Drop down List
Ctrl + E - Align center
Ctrl + J - justify
Ctrl + L - align left
Ctrl + R - align right
Alt + Tab - switch applications
Windows + P - Project screen
Windows + E - open file explorer
Windows + D - go to desktop
Windows + M - minimize all windows
Windows + S - search

What type of person are you

*If numbers in Mathematics where given an opportunity to speak I think some where going to accuse zero and one . Because any number that is multiplied by zero gives zero. Zero will bring down numbers to nothing.There are some people in life who are like number zero, if you associate with them no matter how great your value is they will bring you down to zero. How about one. Any number multiplied by one remains unchanged nomatter how big it is. There are people or doctrines in life which are like one in that no matter how they touch your life you remain the same you don't grow, you dont improve you remain at the same level. So here is the twist, what kind of person are you? I pray that God helps us grow and be greater than 1 so that when we touch the lives of others we add value. Sometimes it's difficult to be greater than 1 because you may be tired, or afraid or angry, in that case just stop and pray, ask God to make you greater than 1 in Jesus Christ. Amen*

Asset versus Liability

*Asset vs Liability* 

One day, the son of a rich man, who was an undergraduate,
approached his father and the following discussion took place.
Son: Dad, may I speak with you?
Dad: Go ahead.
Son: Among all my classmates, I am the only one without a car. It is
Dad: What do you want me to do?
Son: I need a car. I don't want to feel odd.
Dad: Do you have a particular car in mind?
Son: Yes dad (smiling)
Dad: How much?
Son: $1600
Dad: I will give you the money on one condition.
Son: What is the condition?
Dad: You will not use the money to buy a car but invest it. If you
make enough profit from the investment, you can go ahead and buy
the car.
Son. Deal.
Then, the father gave him a cheque of $300. The son cashed the
cheque and invested him in obedience to the verbal agreement that he
had with his father.

Some months later, the father asked the son how he was faring. The
son responded that his business was improving. The father left him.

After some months again, the father asked him about his business
again and the son told him that he is making a lot of profit from the

When it was exactly a year after he gave him the money, the father
asked him to show him how far the business has gone. The son
readily agreed and the following discussion took place.

Dad: From this I can see that you have made a lot of money.
Son: Yes dad/
Dad: Do you still remember our agreement?
Son: Yes
Dad: What is it:
Son: We agreed that I should invest the money and buy the car from
the profit.
Dad: Why have you not bought the car?
Son: I don't need the car again. I want to invest more.
Dad:Good. You have learnt the lessons that I wanted to teach you.
You didn't really need the car, you just wanted to feel among. That
would have placed extra financial obligations on you. It wasn't an
asset then but a liability. Two, it is very important for you to invest in
your future before living like a king.
Son: Thanks dad
Then the father gave him the keys of the latest model of that car.

1. Always invest first before you start living the way you want.
2. What you see as a need now may become a want if you can take a
little time to get over your feelings.
3. Try to be able to distinguish between an asset and a liability so that
what you see as an asset today will not become a liability to you

The difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich look for assets while the poor look for liabilities..... .
Identify yourself
Build yourself
Be yourself...

*Good evening house*

Salary Palavar In Nigeria



Daughter:- Ekule bami, how is everybody in the village ?

Father:- Welcome my daughter, everybody is fine in the village. How was your trip?

Daughter:- My trip was fine sir.

Father:- Who is this gentleman beside you ?

Daughter:- (Smile) Daddy, as we have discussed earlier on phone, he is my fiancée his name is Aremu.

Father: Omo mi (My Son) you're welcome. How is everything?

Fiancée: I am doing fine sir. E se pupo

Father: My daughter, I'm so lucky to have this handsome here as my in-law to be.

Daughter: Thank you baami.

Father: Your fiancée is from which town?

Daughter: (Smile) My fiancée is from Iragbiji town.

Father: Is iragbiji town under Lagos state or which state ?

Daughter: O ti oooo, iragbiji town is under Osun state.

Father: Osun what! OK, which work is he doing?

Daughter: Daddy my husband is a civil servant @ Oshogbo.

Father: (With Annoyance) Civil servant ke ? Rara ooooo. You can not marry him oooooo

Daughter: But daddy why ?

Father: (Facing the husband to be) wo Tunde abi kini oruko re. You can not marry my daughter at all!

Fiancée: Daddy, what is the matter? I love your daughter sir.

Father: wo don't even talk about love.

Fiancée: but..... but....cut in Father : don't but me your state governor is owing 9 - 10 month salary and you're
thinking of marrying my daughter. NO!

Over my **** body. Maa pa omo fun mi ( don't let my daughter die of hunger)

Daughter: (Crying & Weeping) no daddy noooooo.

Father: Wo Iwo ntie, o ti ni oko. Go and
marry from state where they don't owe
workers. Lagos state, Ogun state, Borno state etc. You can even manage Ondo state. They're only owing 6 months
Fiancee: no daddy I work in CBN Osogbo Branch..

Father: henhen sebi am just playing wt u ni to test how truly u love my daughter😆😆😆Lobatan!..............

Jss 1 Basic Science Second term examination


INSTRUCTION: Answer ALL the questions.
Organisms which are able to make their own food are said to be ___________. (a) autotrophic (b) commensal (c) heterotrophic (d) parasitic (e) saprophytic
Malaria is transmitted through the bite of ________mosquito. (a) aedes (b) female anopheles (c) female culex (d) male anopheles (e) male culex
Animals that feed on both plants and animals are called ______.(a) carnivores (b) frugivores (c) herbivores (d) omnivores (e) scavengers
Which of the following illustrates the life cycle of mosquito? (a) Adult---Larva---pupa---egg (b) egg---larva---adult (c) egg---larva---pupa---adult (d) egg---nymph---adult (e) egg---pupa---larva---adult.
Which of the following is not a natural source of water? (a) reservoir (b) river (c) spring (d) stream (e) well
Which of the following is not a member of the nuclear family? A) daughter (b) father (c) mother (d) son (e) uncle
The activities of the cell are controlled by_____. (a) Cell membranes (b) chloroplast (c) cytoplasm (d) nucleus (e) vacuole.
Which of the following is a type of movement? (a) Active movement (b) inactive movement (c) dancing movement (d) standing movement (e) docile movement.
If you fail to keep your hair clean and tidy, which of the following might result? I. Bad odor II. Bushy hair III. Lice in hair IV. Dandruff. (a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) IV only (e) I, II, III, and IV.
Which of the following might result from poor hygiene of the teeth? I. toothache II. Tooth decay III. Extracting of bad teeth IV. Falling out of teeth before old age. (a) II only (b) III only (c) I and II only (d) II and III only (e) I, II, III and IV
All these are characteristics of living things EXCEPT________. (a) evaporation (b) excretion (c) growth (d) irritability (e) movement
The ability of living things to respond to stimuli is described as______(a) growth (b) irritability (c) locomotion (d) reproduction (e) respiration
The following are parts of an animal cell EXCEPT________ (a) cell membrane (b) cell wall (c) cytoplasm (d) nucleus (e) vacuole
The process whereby solid changes to liquid is called_______(a) boiling (b) condensation (c) evaporation (d) freezing (e) melting
Which of the following is not a class of vitamin? (a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin C (c) Vitamin K (d) Vitamin H (e) Vitamin D
Deficiency of Vitamin C causes ________. (a) Bone abnormality (b) shortage of red blood cells (c) scurvy (d) night blindness (e) sterility in animals.
The following are properties of a solid EXCEPT______ (a) definite shape (b) definite mass (c) definite volume (d) particles are closely packed (e) non of the above

Which of the following is a type of food?......(a) baked or boiled (b) fresh or stale (c) local or imported (d) ripe or unripe (e) big or small
The following are stages in the development of housefly EXCEPT_______ (a) adult (b) caterpillar (c) egg (d) maggot (e) pupa
Substances expand when _______energy is supplied. (a) chemical (b) heat (c) kinetic (d) light (e) sound
Which of the following classes of food is best for body building? (a) carbohydrates (b) fats (c) proteins (d) vitamins (e) water
The following factors are necessary for growth EXCEPT (a) occupation (b) disease (c) food (d) heredity (e) rest and exercise
Which of the following insects is NOT a vector of disease (a) butterfly (b) cockroach (c) housefly (d) mosquito (e) tsetse fly
Metals are malleable. This means that metals ______(a) are generally strong and hard (b) are good conductors of electricity (c) can be beaten into thin sheets (d) can be drawn into wires (e) can be painted in different colors
Which of the following is not a food item? (a) milk (b) spinach (c) rice (d) orange (e) alcohol
A disease that is inherited is called ________ (a) hereditary disease (b) a vitamin deficiency disease (c) a poverty illness (d) a hunger disease (e) kwashiorkor disease
Which of the following is a function of vitamins in the human body (a) for providing energy (b) for body building (c) for preserving health (d) none of the above (e) all of the above
Which of the following is a vaccine? (a) DPT (b) OGT (c) RTT (d) OPT (e) DTT
The primary source of the earth�s energy is the ______. (a) food (b) plants (c) sun (d) animals (e) petroleum
The path that ensures balance and continuous flow of Nitrogen from living to non living things is called ________.(a) evaporation (b) water cycle (c) carbon cycle (d) nitrogen cycle (e) condensation
Oxygen is removed from the atmosphere by ______. (a) breathing in(b) breathing out (c) photosynthesis (d) feeding by animals (e) the sun
The human activities that affect the environmental balance include_______, (a) agriculture (b) transportation (c) construction (d) growth of town (e) all of the above
Disease causing organisms can be passed from one person to another through______. I. water II. Food III. Body contact IV. Vectors. (a) IV only (b) I only (c) I and II only (d) III only (e) I, II, III, and IV.
Which of the following is a water borne disease? (a) tuberculosis (b) tetanus (c) cholera (d) malaria (e) cough
Which of the following is/are causes of drug abuse? I. search for excitement II. Curiosity III. Doing what others do IV. The desire to feel like a grown up. (a) II only (b) all of the above (c) III only (d) I and II only (e)I, II and III only.
Which of the following is not a class of drugs? (a) narcotics (b) sedatives (c) stimulants (d) tranquillizers (e) none of the above
The following are diseases caused by virus EXCEPT ________ (a) influenza (b) yellow fever (c) poliomyelitis (d) small pox (e) malaria.
Which of these is not an organ of excretion (a) kidney (b) liver (c) lungs (d) stomach (e) skin

A plant differs from an animal because a plant_________(a)respires (b) grows (c) moves (d)reproduces (e) makes its food
Which of the following statements is not true? (a) plants depend on oxygen only to make their food (b) respiration includes breathing and chemical breakdown of digested food substances to release energy (c) formation of new body materials indicates growth (d) excretory substances removed by lungs are carbon IV oxide and water vapor. (e) Excess salt and water are removed in sweat.
a. What is personal hygiene? 2mks
b. State three consequences of poor personal hygiene 3mks
c. Name three (3) classes of food and give one example of each 3mks
d. Mention two wildlife conservation centers in Nigeria 2mks

a. i. List 2 characteristics of living things 2mks
ii. State 2 differences between plant and animal cells 4mks
b. i. What is immunization? 2mks
ii. List 2 types of vaccines 2mks

a. State the full meaning of the following
AIDS 3mks
b. List 3 ways HIV/AIDS can be prevented 3mks
c. The process of sorting things into sets or groups is called _________ 2mks
d. List one example each of metals and non-metals 2mks

a. In a tabular form, state three (3) differences between metals
and non metals 6mks
b. Write two uses of both metals and non metals 4mks

a. What is gravitational pull? 2mks
b. Give 2 effects of gravitational force on objects 4mks
c. List two (2) commonly abused drug 2mks
d. What is melting point? 2mks

Relationship between teachers are just as important as relationship with students. When you feel comfortably you share openly

The need to retell Baba Ọpẹ's story

Baba Ope is a Mathematics teacher of a school situated at the heart of University of Ibadan.The name of the school is Abadina Secondary school just within the prestigious University of ibadan ,Oyo state.
In the University, there are two secondary schools- Abadina Secondary school and International secondary school. The former is for children of clerks, technicians and other people living around the University while the latter is for children of professors and senior lecturers.
Baba Ope is a conscientious Mathematics teacher who works selflessly and held free evening tutorial for students daily. Some of the children of the professor got curious and peeps into his class which was usually under a tree in front of Abadina Secondary school from time to time. Eight of the professors' children got interested in Baba Ope's Mathematics lectures and decided to join.
They joined the class and attended the lectures for two years after which they all sat for an external examination. Flabbergastingly, all the children that attended Baba Ope's tutorial came out in flying colours, passed Mathematics outstandingly and got admission into various tertiary institution of learning.
After several years, some of the students he taught under the tree, decided to pay Baba Ope a visit. When they got to his abode, they discovered he was aged. He could not even recognise them any longer. They exchanged pleasantries and memorable pounding .
They were shocked to find out that he was living a good and affluent life style even at his old age. A mansion and the latest model of car(Mercedes Benz) at his time.. They gave him a huge some of money as a token of their appreciation.
The implication of this is that, the passionate teacher will be rewarded on earth before they get to heaven and their biological children might not even have to take care of them as the destinies(learners ), they have nurtured will take good care of them.
Teachers should be passionate, zealous and conscious of their doings. The current classroom parades the future leaders , handle them the way you want to be treated after your retirement ..

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen

Dear God, As the new school term begins, please watch over our kids, keep them safe and surround them with people who encourage them to live for you. Thank You for girl all our teachers, bless them and give them strength. Amen 

Touch the wall clock

Take better control of things that really matter to you and stop wishing

I'm not wishing anybody anything for 2018, I am tired of wishing every year:
* For HEALTH: see the doctor regularly, eat well, work out and worry less.
* For MONEY: reduce your sleep to 6 hours a day, watch less of Tv, disengage from wrong associations, increase your work time and Pray always for Divine help.
*For LOVE: be honest and sincere in your relationships.
*For HAPPINESS: follow peace with all men and love your Neighbour as thyself.
*For FINANCES: have a budget for everything you want do, reduce your borrowing anointing in 2018. Don't try to impress anybody while "depressing" yourself in the process.
Your Children School fees, your accommodation and your general lifestyle must be within your income range...
Take more responsibility for your livelihood in 2018 and it will surprise you what God can do. God bless you!

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The Golden Rules

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