Functions of mass /social media in the Nigerian society

FUNCTIONS OF MASS/ SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE SOCIALIZATION OF THE NIGERIAN CHILD Mass/Social media sites allow children to accomplish certain tasks that are considered important to them such as staying connected with friends and family, making new friends, sharing pictures and exchanging ideas. On the other hand, social media participation also can offer young children deeper benefits that extend into their view of self, community and the world. This becomes more beneficial if adults get involved with children and guide in the use of media through visit to quality websites by engaging the use of educational software and view of TV shows that offer extra learning opportunities. We can sum up the functions of Mass and social media as:

· Mass/social play important role in influencing the behavioural standard of children.

· Media provide news and information required by the children.

· Creative skills can be developed via social media, imagination, art, music and modeling skills can be developed using software to create pictures.

· Values are acquired by observing good role models on the media

· Media helps a democracy function effectively. They inform the children about government policies and programmes and how these programmes can be useful to them. This helps the people voice their feelings and helps the government to make necessary changes in their policies or programmes.

· Literacy skills – For example learning letters of alphabets through programmes such as play school or educational computer games.

· Numeracy skills: Learning to count through play school programmes.

· Mass/Social media serve as entertainment to the children

· Mass/Social media can act as an agent of change in development of child in the society.

· Mass/ Social media has brought people of the world closer to each other.

· Media promote trade and industry through advertisements

· Media can help the political and democratic processes of a country.

·  Media can bring in positive social changes.

· Media content provides topics for conversation with family members, friends, and colleagues that may allow for deeper social bonding.

· Social Skills: Learning operations of TV programmes and using computer games and websites like ABC for kids that show cooperative and helping behaviours.

· Intellectual skills like developing problem-solving and critical thinking as well as paying more attention to developing morals by comparing family values with those found in fiction and documentary content.

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