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Never Take Anybody For Granted

A lovely little girl was holding two apples with both hands.

Her mum came in and softly asked her little daughter with a smile; my sweetie, could you give your mum one of your two apples?

The girl looked up at her mum for some seconds, then she suddenly took a quick bite on one apple, and then quickly on the other.

The mum felt the smile on her face freeze. She tried hard not to reveal her disappointment.

Then the little girl handed one of her bitten apples to her mum,and said: mummy, here you are. This is the sweeter one.

No matter who you are, how experienced you are, and how knowledgeable you think you are, always delay judgement.

Give others the privilege to explain themselves.

What you see may not be the reality. Never conclude for others.

Which is why we should never only focus on the surface and judge others without understanding them first.

Those who like to pay the bill, do so not because they are loaded but because they value friendship above money.

Those who take the initiative at work, do so not because they are stupid but because they understand the concept of responsibility.

Those who apologize first after a fight, do so not because they are wrong but because they value the people around them.

Those who are willing to help you, do so not because they owe you any thing but because they see you as a true friend.

Those who often text you, do so not because they have nothing better to do but because you are in their heart.

Those who take out time to chat with you, do not mean they are jobless or less busy, but they know the importance of keeping in touch.

One day, all of us will get separated from each other; we will miss our conversations of everything & nothing; the dreams that we had.

Days will pass by, months, years, until this contact becomes rare... One day our children will see our pictures and ask 'Who are these people?' And we will smile with invisible tears because a heart is touched with a strong word and you will say: 'IT WAS THEM THAT I HAD THE BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE WITH'.

Send this to all your friends that you will never forget.

Put this on the whatsapp of those who made you smile in any type of way.

It might surprise you but look at how many will be sent back.

Thank you for making me smile for sometime in my life.

Preview 2018 second term English Questions

                       FIRST TERM  EXAMINATION, 2010/2011 SESSION.
                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE    
             CLASS: JSS 1                 TIME ALLOWED: 1HR

                                                                                 PART I
Read the following passages and answer the questions below each passage.
                                                                               Passage A
     One day, Owina was called by his father to get ready to travel with him to Lagos the following day.
     The boy was very happy because he had never visited Lagos before. Moreover, he was going to travel by air for the first time.
      The other children became jealous when they heard the news. They had all gone to Lagos with their father at different times in the past, but did not travel by air. So they cried and appealed to their father to take them along. Their father�s stern look was enough to send them out of the sitting room. They went back to the playground behind the house where they had been playing. Ogegere was going to attend a meeting in Lagos.
       He decided to take Owina this time because the other children always laughed at him for having not been to Lagos. This often made the boy cry.
       Owina�s preparation was little. He needed a few things as he was going to be away for only three days. His mother got a few clothes and a pair of shoes. These were carefully put in a leather bag which she bought for Owina.

(1) Why was Owina happy to go to Lagos?
       (a) He had not been there before.               (b) He wanted to go and stay there. 
       (c) He was going to see his teacher.           (d) He was born in Lagos.          (e) His mother invited him.
(2)  The other children were jealous because
       (a) Owina was their enemy            (b) their uncle also invited them            (c) Owina was born in Lagos               
       (d) Owina was going by aeroplane      (e) they wanted to go and see their mother
(3)  How did father send the children out of the sitting room?
       (a) He flogged them and they ran out.       (b) He gave them a stern look.       (c) He fought with them.           
      (d) He told their mother to send them out .                  (e) He closed his door against them.
(4)  What was the children doing before they learnt that Owina was to travel to Lagos.
       (a) They were praying                        (b) They were eating                   (c) They were cleaning the house                                    
        (d) They were playing behind the house                                     (e) They were helping their mother
(5)   What was Owina�s father going to do in Lagos?
          (a) He was going on holidays                                                (b) He was going to buy some goods                                                              
          (c) He was going to see his mother                                        (d) He was going to see his brother                                                          
          (e) He was going to attend a meeting

         The Homecoming
          Faith and her twin brother Joshua were visiting home for the first time since their birth twelve years ago in far away Chicago. The home coming was an experience neither of the twins would ever forget. Never in their lives had they experienced so great a show of love. Almost everyone in the village turned out to welcome them as soon as the news of their arrival spread.

         The exclamations, the hugging and the embracing were nearly too much for the children and even their mother, Hannah, who at one point collapsed in a chair and shed tears of joy.
          The children were attracted by the way their kinsmen and women dressed. Their mother and father had not told them much about their culture. In fact Faith was so fascinated that on one occasion, she went up to one of the women who was sitting down and stared, touching and feeling her braided hair. This action immediately earned her further hugs and embraces from the woman whose hair-style had attracted her attention. And even now Faith remains, a special friend to Hauwa.
          Suddenly someone raised a song. There was clapping and singing all round. The merry-making continued until later into the night. The result was that the following morning all of them including the twin�s father, were too tired to wake up early enough to receive the early visitors who had come to ask Abraham, his wife and the twins whether they had slept well 

(6) The twin�s homecoming was a memorable experience because-----
     (a) they had been taught in school to remember such things.                                                                          
      (b) there was such a strong demonstration of love from people.
       (c) they were naturally anxious to know the people.                    (d) they were born in a far away land.
       (e) they could not understand the people�s language.
(7)  The twin�s mother collapsed in a chair and shed tears because ---------
          (a) She had hurt her feed.                                    (b) She had just been told that her mother had died.
          (c) She had lost her necklace at the airport.                         (d) She had not wanted to return home. 
          (e) the happiness and attention were too much for her.
(8)  The woman whose hair Faith touched-----
           (a) pasted a one naira note on her fore head 
            (b) merely laughed and showed no further interest                         (c) embraced and hugged Faith
            (d) thought Faith wanted to mock her                                           (e) Complained to Fatima�s parents
(9)  The twin�s mother was called ---------------
           ( a) Hannah                  (b) James                  (c) mummy                  (d) Fatima                  (e) Joy      
(10) The family could not wake up early the following morning because---------
          ( a) they were upset with the visitors.                                    (b) they were disturbed by mosquitoes.
          (c) they were afraid of the crowd.                                                     (d) there was no fan in the room. 
          (e) they were too tired.
Choose from the options lettered A-E the correct word to complete the following sentences:
(11)   My cousin is the son of my -------
         (a) brother                (b) nephew                (c) sister                (d) step brother                (e) uncle

(12)  Mary is my ------- since we only have the same father but not the same mother.
           (a) brother�s wife          (b) cousin          (c) half-sister          (d) father�s sister          (e) step-sister
(13)  Audu has no --------, he is an orphan
          (a) brothers                (b) friends                (c) neighbours                 (d) parents                (e) relations
(14)  Immediately after the wedding occasion, the bridegroom carried up his ---------
(a) baby                     (b) best man                     (c) bride                     (d) girl friend             (e) pastor
(15)  My ------ is my mother�s mother.
        (a) aunt                     (b) uncle                     (c) sister                     (d) niece                     (e) grand mother

(16)  The children of the same parents are referred to as --------
         (a) cousins                (b) brothers                (c) fianc�                (d) siblings                (e) nuclear family
(17)  I must obtain --------- university degree this year.
         (a) a                            (b) an                            (c) same                             (d) the                     (e) these
(18) There was ------- attack from the terrorist camp
        (a) is                               (b) an                               (c) the                               (d) a                       (e) same
(19)  I prefer reading newspaper ------------ watching television programmes.
          (a) instead of                   (b) more than                  (c) rather than                  (d) than                       (e) to
(20)  We -------------- the senior students  recently .
          (a) are seeing                          (b) saw                          (c) see                        (d) seen                  (e)sees
  (21) Koyejo bought -------------pens last week.
          (a) an           (b) a                          (c) much                           (d) little                                 (e) plenty
(22) The book has ------- attractive colour.
        (a) some                        (b) few                         (c) an                           (d) a                        (e) the
  (23) The --------- blew his whistle to signal the end of the football match.
         (a) captain             (b) commissioner             (c) linesman             (d) referee             (e)  umpire
(24)  Cholera is --------- disease
         (a) some                         (b) an                         (c) a                         (d) few                         (e) the
(25) Stanley�s shop is stocked --------- a wide range of items.
         (a) by                            (b) for                            (c) in                            (d) to                            (e) with
Choose from the options lettered (a) to (e) the one that contains the given phonetic symbol
   (26) / f /
          (a) cord                        (b) cough                          (c)court                         (d) fault                    (e) ought
   (27)/    i  /    
          (a) toy                     (b) symbol                     (c) house                    (d) gate                     (e) hair
  (28)  / m /
          (a) Gather                   (b) leather                   (c) method                   (d) they                   (e) wither
  (29) / i : /
         (a) meal                            (b) bit                          (c) give                           (d) ink                  (e) lick

  (30) / g /
         (a) cough                          (b) sign                           (c) large                           (d) gate                 (e) ought

  (31)  / i /
         (a)bee                           (b) field                          (c) pretty                          (d) half                          (e) fate
  (32) / v /
         (a) cough                      (b) life                             (c) van                        (d) half                     (e) fate
  (33)  / ai /
        (a) go                             (b) gate                             (c) boat                             (d) cot                      (e) why
  (34) / e /
         (a)  love                        (b) mother                        (c) doctor                        (d) hen                     (e) bee
(35)  / t /
        (a) tight                         (b) mother                        (c) think                        (d) anthem                 (e) this

  (36) ---------- is the place where the event of a story takes place.
          (a) Cast                (b) Setting                        (c) Theme                        (d) Simile                     (e) Fiction
  (37)  A story that is based on real events or a true life story is a ----------------
          (a) Fiction                     (b) Biography                     (c) Cast                     (d) Non-fiction              (e) Plot
  (38) ---------- is the story of a man�s life written by someone else.
         (a) Biography            (b) Geography          (c) Non- fiction            (d) Fiction            (e) Autobiography
  (39)   -------- is the list of characters in a play
         (a) Fiction                (b) Biography               (c) Setting                  (d) Cast                  (e) Autobiography
  (40)� Jesus is the lion of the tribe of Judah� is an example of ------------
        (a) Personification             (b) Biography             (c) Metaphor             (d) Simile             (e) Hyperbole
(41) �The wind whistles by� is an example of -----------
          (a) simile               (b) hyperbole              (c) metaphor              (d) fiction              (e) personification
(42) Prose texts are written in --------
        (a) Chapters and paragraphs              (b) Poems              (c) Plays               (d) verses                (e) Stories 
(43) Poems are written by ---------
        (a) novelists                    (b) playwrights                   (c) poets                   (d) casts                   (e) fictions

                              Like Father, Like Son
  (44) What is the name of the school in the story?
   (45) Where did the orientation exercise take place?
   (46) Which student made the day during the orientation exercise?
   (47) Who is the class teacher for J.S.1A?
    (48) Who was made the assistant class captain of J.S.1a?
    (49) How many students joined Peju in the saving scheme?
    (50) How much did Peju leave on her locker?
English Essay
Write an essay on, �How I Spent The Last Mid Term Break�.
                                                                                                                ( 20MARKS)

General Paper 2017 Section A


A Choose from the options lettered A-E the one that best answers each of the following questions and write out in your answer sheets the correct "letter" only.

1.Which of the following is not an element of culture?
A. Beauty B. Colour C. Food D. Language E. Music

2. The earth is_in shape.
A. circle B. oblique C. oblong D. round E. spherical

3. _is an example of a hard drug
A. Cocaine B. Cough syrub C. Folic acid D. Panadol E. Vitamin B complex

4. Which of these is an example of inclined plane?
A. Bottle opener B. Hammer C. Staircase D. Sugar tongs E. wheelbarrow

5. Ruminants and non-ruminants animals are based on mode of
A. feeding B. feeling C. breathing D. reproduction E. crying

6. One of the following does not supply heat.
A. Electric bulbs, fire B. Earth, water C. Sun, candle D. Wood, fire E-Lantern, chemical-.....-

7._is an example of pests.'
A. Bats B. Cows C. Dogs D. Goats E. Sheep

8. Trade between two countries is known as_
A. African trade B. Local trade C. Trade by barter D. National trade E. International trade

9. Traditional means of transportation is by_
A. aeroplane and jet B. cars and lorries C. helicopter D. railway and ship E. Trekking and use of animals

10. The male part of a flower is called_
A. ovary B. pistil C. stamen D. Stigm E. style

11. There are_classes of food.
A. 8 B. 4 C. 5 D. 7 E. 6

12. One of the importance of weed is to_
A. Check erosion B. help the weed to grow C. make pothole on our environment D. Make water to circulate our land E. none of the above

13. What is this instrument used for?
A. Measuring the climate B. Measuring the amount of rainfall C. Measuring the relief of an area D. Measuring the temperature E. Measuring the wind

14. The food given to plants by Inan to make them grow quickly and healthy is called_
A. nutrient B. lime C. mulch D. fertilizer E. supplement

15. Working together to achieve common goals is known as_
A. conqurers B. cooperation C. Pressure group D. organization E. services

16.Communication aided by electrical or electronic transmission is known as__
A. ball transmission B. mass communication C. telecommunication D. Water transmission E. Water transportation

17. Animals that lived in water are referred to as_ animals
A. aquatic B. amphibians C. carnivorous D. omnivous E. terrestrial

18. Using resources more than necessary is known as_
A. cooperation B. protection C. over utilization D.under utilization E. utilization

19. Culture is said to belong to a group of people and it passes from one_to another.
A. gathering B. generation C. group D. meeting E. society - - one

20. According to Islamic religion a man could marry up to_wives
A. two B. three C. Four D. five E.

The best way to remember a loved one

I consider that the best way to remember a loved and special one is to mention that person to God in prayers. I thought of you this morning and have asked God to bless you abundantly in every area.
The Lord shall remember you for good. He shall perfect all that concerns you. What others say is impossible, shall be possible for you. You will never be confounded neither shall you be disappointed in Jesus name. Your appointed time to jubilate has come. You will always see the favour of the Lord and of the people in all your ways in Jesus name. Excellent morning and have a wonderful day. 


Mid Term break

Mid term break = 22 Thursday and 23 Friday.         Open day Thursday 1st March 2018

Message for life

I loved this Awesome Msg:

One who loves till you close your eyes, is a *Mother*.
One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Father*.
*Mother* - Introduces you to the world.
*Father* - Introduces the world to you.
*Mother* : Gives you life
*Father* : Gives you living
*Mother* : Makes sure you are not starving.
*Father* : Makes sure you know the value of starving
*Mother* : Personifies Care
*Father*: Personifies Responsibility
*Mother* : Protects you from a fall
*Father* : Teaches you to get up from a fall.
*Mother* : Teaches you walking.
*Father* : Teaches you walk of life
*Mother* : Teaches from her own experiences.
*Father* : Teaches you to learn from your own experiences.
*Mother* : Reflects Ideology
*Father* : Reflects Reality
*Mother's* love is known to you since birth.
*Father's* love is known when you become a Father.
Enjoy what your father says.
Keep loving your mother.

Kellogg's pays a courtesy call

It was all fun, happiness and joy galore as members of staff of kellogg's paid the school a courtesy call

The students were very keen to see them as the students were served with delicious kellogg's flakes

Video from islandbuildersbaptistscho

Nothing else is needed to be said .....The social perfect has said it all.

Happy Birthday to you Kafaya. Long life and prosperity

As you are a year older today. I mean that as you are a year newer today. I pray that God Almighty will perfect and renew everything about you and make you to have full testimony in good health

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to you Jasper Akem

Happy Birthday Jasper Akeem

Long life and prosperity. May God Almighty prosper you and bless you in all departments of your life. May this day be filled with wonders and joy.

Enjoy and celebrate



Having challenge retaining your staffs, this might help…

Only if you employed a dullard as a teacher should you lose trust in him/her. Most school owners don't trust their teachers, and they are always snooping around to find faults one place or the other. It gets worse as this makes the teacher feel uncomfortable.
Create a structure for check and balances but make sure you build up trust in them.
If you trust your teachers, they'll trust you. The cycle goes on.


Sincerely, this is gold. No teacher works better than an appraised one. Everyone loves to be praised for the job they do. Its one of the need on Maslov Hierarchy of need. The need to be loved and accepted.
One crime most school owners and administrators commit is always dwelling on the negatives and neglecting the positives. If you want to retain a teacher, appraise them every time they do something good, no matter how little it is. This encourages them to do more.
At least, this is what we want them to do in their classrooms with their students too. Lead by example.


Quit nagging, deal with negative behaviour objectively and not with shouts and yelling. I won't like to work in an environment where all I get is nags and shouts all because I made a little mistake. Communicate the truth in love.You need to treat your teachers with respect, see them as professionals and nothing less.
If you ask some teachers, they are frustrated each time morning comes and they have to dress up for school. The school environments frustrates them.
Create a good atmosphere for teaching and learning in your school. Atmosphere is everything
Yes, this is very important. That you are the school owner or administrator doesn't mean you are perfect. You make mistakes, and so you must admit them. Say sorry to whoever when necessary, even to your teaching staffs.

Its horrible when we have school owners or administrators who try to push faults to their teachers, and cast all the blame on them for what they themselves have done wrong.

Just try and imagine if you are the one being blamed for what you didn't do, how would you feel? So accept your imperfection, and admit to faults.


Have you ever tried to put yourself in your teachers' shoes? No, I don't think so. You just issue orders and expect them to be followed to the letter. This won't help you this year.

Your teachers are human beings with families, personal issues, goals and dreams, etc. Have you ever talked to them about it? Or when have you tried to feel what they feel?

Especially for school owners that pay meagre salaries, being empathetic is the least you can do. You expect teachers to show up every morning at the school door, wear nice clothes to school, when you know that their pay can hardly feed them and their family. Be empathetic in your dealings with teachers. Put yourself in their shoes, care about them and about their life outside the classroom. The relationship you build with them today through empathy, would be evident in their work in the classroom and in the school as a whole.


The best product of an organisation are its people. Only a well treated staff would be productive and would work towards the organisation's growth and development. So it is for schools and teachers too. I believe if you put these tips into practice, there would be a new air in your school this school new month.


Teachers let us be careful about what type of comments we put on pupils report cards

Second Mid Term Test Time Table

Second Mid Term Test Time Table

Photo from

Home Economics practical

It's time for Home Economics Practical

Don't Ever Use Discount Again In Your School


Hello Dear Educators

How was your night?.. Hope you had a great one?

I want to address the issue of Discount today....

Discount is a very good way to get new clients to buy your products...

Discounts can also be counter productive when not used right....

Imagine if you were aspiring to get an APPLE LAPTOP

The laptop sells for ,550,000 thousand naira...

Because you love apple  Laptops, you saved up your money to buy it.

You saved up 300,000 naira hoping to get the laptop once you hit your target...

Saving your way to 300,000 wasn't an easy one...

You were tempted to buy that gold necklace but you didn't...

You were tempted to buy that beautiful phone but you didn't

You were even tempted to use the money for an emergency but you held back and you didn't.  

Then suddenly...


A whooping 45% discount...

I am sure you would not just smile at the discount...

You will RUN...πŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎπŸƒπŸΎto get it..


Because you value that product.. ..

My point is this... How do you build value in your school in such a way that parents RUN to grab your offers.....

I see many school advertise their schools with discounts.....


Advertise your school with VALUE.. UNIQUENESS.  

In such a way that when you RUN DISCOUNT people just fall heads over heels to grab the offer.....😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

So how do you build Value in your school to have such effect?

Let me know your thoughts....

Till tomorrow

Stand Out.

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Message for life

Message for life

I loved this Awesome Msg: One who loves till you close your eyes, is a *Mother*. One who loves without an expression in the eyes, is a *Fath...
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