Sunday, March 4, 2018

How to turn members of staff to promoters, affiliates and referrals of your school


 *_How to turn most of your teachers from workers🕵🏾‍♀ to Active promoters🗣 of your school_* (Part 2)

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I wish I could summarize it but I can't...

It up there somewhere in the group..


Let me try...

I am talking about the 4 word Acronym of turning your teachers into active promoters.

 *Summarized as C.A.R.E* 

C stands for Communication

A stands for Affirmation

 *Now to R and E.* 

 _Stands for_ 


While I was working at the bank we had a performance check every month

The performance indicators where spelt out to us 

And it determined our promotion and bonuses..

It helped us work better..

The performance indicator had nothing to do with how many years you spent at the bank..

You could adopt same for your school..

Come up with parameters to measure contributions of everyone to your school growth...

The parameters you could measure include

1. Punctuality
2. Referrals 
3. Attitude to work (which has to do with academic parameters)
4. Percentage of children improved

This will then become a basis for you recognizing their contributions 

With this they will know you ate not 



You will represent professionalism..

The last acronym is 


Which stands for 


Your Example is worth more that a billion explanation ..

You must exemplify your expectations from your members of staff...

 ~_A picture is more that a thousand words they say..._~ 

 _*An example is worth more than a billion explanation*_ 

To simplify it..

C - Caring
A - Affirmation
R - Recognition
E - Example.

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Stand out...

Teacher I.T

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