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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Need for school growth and expansion

How do you handle people in your life or better still how do you handle people in your organization.. 

Humans are real assets whose values surpass that of land, capital or entrepreneur.. 

How do you handle 

Your parents in your school ( past. Present and Future) 

How do you handle 

Your members of staff. Their contributions to your organization growth cannot be over emphasized. How do you relate with them.. Is it the old story of NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE.... Well it's not everybody that will fill perfectly well into someone's shoes 

How do you handle 

Your pupils : The need to treat your pupils will in your school in order to achieve school growth cannot be over emphasized. That little girl that wanted to ease herself when teaching was going on, how did you treat her. That poor boy that has lost her lunch money and was crying in the corner of the class. How did you treat him 

People are not assets like tangible fixed assets such as equipment. ... If they are assets, people are intangible assets. In the industrial age, the gross domestic product was largely driven by tangible asset investments that appear on balance sheets - equipment, buildings and land.