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Sunday, March 25, 2018

School Matters With Dideolu Adekogbe

School Matters with Dideolu Adekogbe

*Projection For Third Term.*

The plan for next term should be on-going, reviewing this term's activities will help ascertain progress made in all areas, identify the challenges for improvement and strategize to inject new ideas to make school fun for the learners and parents happy.

*Academics*: Study and analyse the learners' performance to put improvement plan in place, GEP or IEP to help monitor their progress.

*Resources Management*: The resources required for next term both human and materials should be planned for.

*Human Resource:* Endeavour to work on the CVs you have to plan for eventuality. Ensure to enrich C V bank.
Your People skill will ensure your staff will resume with
you especially the way you treat them. Training for the new term should be plan now.

Remember the *development of the support staff*is critical factor in school growth, and customer service satisfaction. Specific training should be plan for them.

*Material Resource*: Make arrangements for materials needed for next term, the supply of toiletries, stationery, teaching aids, building maintenance, servicing of sch buses, double check on security devices & safety measures, etc.

*Fund Management:* Budgeting for next term will help you stay focused and not bankrupt. Stay within your affordability, don't copy others. Be creatively original.

*Client & Community* Management: Ensure you know what you are doing (study the curriculum) to meet parents' expectations for their children. Be community friendly.

Analyse the term's complains if there are make it a template for parents talk next term.
Ensure parents complains are given proper attention. Organize parents awareness programme to resolve issues that are general and one-on-one discussion for very personal issues.