Monday, March 19, 2018

We all need boundaries..

A *boundary* is a dividing line, or a location between two areas.

When we think of boundaries

We normally think of a physical dividing object on a property, a landed property

But we shall be going be going beyond the fences or gates today

I'm sure you are already having ideas of what this topic is going to be about

Boundaries are not prisons for us

Boundaries are not limits in negative forms

Boundaries are those values, things, beliefs, principles we hold, that hold us and keep us safe

God, and the very nature of things teach us that boundaries are healthy

Boundaries are standards that keep us successful

Boundaries are safety measures.

Boundaries are safety measures.
We all need boundaries in order to succeed

We can't have ALL human beings as friends

We can't be friends with ALL Christians

We can't help ALL people

Even Jesus was sent to the lost sheep of Israel at a time in His life

We are asked to drink 5 liters of water per day

But our stomach was not make to take in all that volume at once!

Animals can only sleep with their kind

But human beings broke their boundary

And started same sex relationship and also with animals

God set limits in creation

Let's see this

NLT Bible. Proverbs 25
[28]A person without self-control     is like a city with broken-down walls.

A city with broken down walls is in a dangerous state.

What does a wall signify

1. Protection.

If you don't set up your boundaries wrong people will come into your life and devour you.

2. Privacy.

You can't expose your life, every part of your life. 
Just like that.

People make the social media their open diary.

Must everyone know that you just removed a tooth, on Facebook?
Or they must know you are about to propose to that girl?

Solomon said, A fool is taken for a wise, if he keeps his mouth shut

3. Uniqueness and sense of individuality. 

Call it self ownership.

Within your own walls is what is yours. If your walls are broken down,

Goats will have right of way into your kitchen

*If you don't set your boundaries*...

1. It can lead to abuse.

I've seen pastors take over lives of church members in the name of leadership. 

If you don't determine how much that mentor of yours, that older brother or best friend can go in your life...
They will take ownership of your life

I've seen parents take over their son/daughters' homes

Understand your capacities and weaknesses

What are your
Career limits?



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