Saturday, April 7, 2018

*Ensuring Students' Success In Work & Life*

*Ensuring Students' Success In Work & Life*

The theme of the discussion @ the 2018 *Supreme Education Foundation Schools' Teachers Learning Camp*.

The emphasis was on the need to nurture students beyond academics and expose them to life skills for integration into the society and to help in finding their path for fulfilment.

In achieving this, management support is needed, teachers play a major role in navigating the learning path and believing in the students' abilities. Parents' understanding is required in this great task of producing a wholistic individual whose concern should be tailored towards serving humanity and making the world a better place.

It takes a hard working and passionate teacher to make a change and impact lives. When positive changes occur, it results in impacting lives.

Educators play major role in students' success ranging from:
This refers to the teacher's human relationship with the learners, his physical appearance, the way he speaks, his temper and mannerism. 
According to a renowned educationist, *''A teacher needs not be beautiful, handsome or splendidly dressed. But neatness is a must. A proper attire, a cheeful appearance and an air of confidence do much to project a pleasing appearance which will no doubt bring enthusiastic learner response. On the other hand, a teacher who projects the image of a loser or one who tries too hard to project the image of class and superiority will do much to deter positive response from the learners who are ever in need of someone who is friendly, respectable and reachable''*
 From the above quote, the teacher's personality can degrade or promote the teaching and learning process.

1. Dress decently and modestly to classroom
2. Give active presentation during teaching
3. Give brisk and clear instructions
4. Call your learners by their names
5. Discipline should be commesurate with offences committed
6. Have considerations for your learners
7. Do not demand and eat your learners' food or drink. Also, do not demand and collect money from your learners/ their parents
8. Be strict, firm but kind

*Also create an avenue for those who might wants to express themselves unreluctantly meaning,wait to hear from them as well.

*Be fair and confident

*Believe in your students- The power of education is seen when students are helped to unleash their creativity to improve the circumstances of their lives.

*My thoughts*
 "Operate the principle of the 3 F's. Be fair, firm and friendly. See every child as an individual and talented without making comparison.

*Model the expected positive behaviour you expect from them. Do what you say.
* Engage them in learning activities
* Give meaningful project works that teach life skills.
* Relate learning to real life situations.


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