Thursday, May 31, 2018

Silent Tears In The Classroom

*Silent Tears in the Classroom*

Anytime it's school time I *get sad*.
Yes I mean sad not because I don't like school but because *I feel I don't belong there*.

My teachers say everyone is better than me because they get better grades in tests and exams.

*My teachers* always compare me with others but how can I dare tell them that am different from them.

*My teachers* always say I don't do well even though they teach me well but how can I tell them that the *teaching method* they use *doesn't favour me* even though it favours the majority.

How can I tell my teachers that *I just need motivation* not *condemnation*.

I wish I can be bold to tell my teachers that I have to be *understood not to be compared*.

My maths teacher says i am *good for nothing* because am not good in calculations.

My science teacher says *I am useless* because I always get low grades.

My English teachers say *I have no future* because I can't express myself fluently *in the white man's language*.

They seem to have forgotten that I am the one that *led the school soccer team to win that trophy*.

I am the same student that *always play those drums* to the admiration of all.

Sometimes when I ask *why they don't consider what I do as important* they tell me *WAEC doesn't ask those in examinations*.

*Tears* always fill me but I can't pour them because no one understands me.

*My parents* can't even understand me because *my teachers* make them believe *I'm good for nothing*.

I though my parents will tell them that *I repair all the electrical appliances in the house without any training*.

*Who will hear me now* because *i and many* who are like me *are being destroyed*  

*Who will help tell them* that even though we might *not be able to get the certificate*, we have *great talents?*.

Who will help tell teachers that they should not forced their dreams on us but *guide us nurture our God given talents*? 

*Who will hear our cry?* 

I am one of the voices of the *many silent voices in the class*.

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