Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Mouka Dreamtime Mattress Visit

It was fun and excitement as representatives of Mouka Mattress paid a courtesy call to our School to officially inform us of their new super product

Children sleep longer and deeper than adults, and the right mattress is crucial to thier health, attention span, memory and stress level.. 
  A quality mattress plays a great role in the child to sleep deeply and wake with up with a readiness to face the day ahead 

Ten Commandements of Quality Sleep For Children
1. Make sure the children get enough sleep by going to bed before 🕘 9pm 
2. Keep a consistent bedtime and wake time ⌚ on weekend and weekdays 
3. Establish a consistent bedtime routine and wear comfortable clothes in bed 
4. Get use to falling asleep on your own. 
5. Avoid bright lights at bed time and during the night and open the curtain to brighten your room in the morning 
6. Keep all electronics, including 📺 televisions, computers, and cell phones, out of the bedroom and don't use electronics before bedtime 
7. Maintain a regular daily schedule, including consistent meal times 
8. Take a half hour nap during the afternoon 
9. Get plenty of exercise and spend as much time as you can outdoor during the day 
10. Don't eat foods and beverages containing caffeine, including many cold drinks, coffee and tea. 

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