Nigerians replace churches with industries

And You Believe We Are Not Lazy...

If the 600,000 Churches & Mosques in Nigeria were factories & Industries.
Chinese are building factories, Nigerians are building churches. We can all see the difference. Nigerian Churches annual revenue is ₦3 Trillion naira ($18.4billion USD) They need to pray us out of poverty. Contrary to what many people assume, these pastors are highly intelligent individuals.
They are set of intellectuals who spent time in isolation, cogitating, scheming and mastering the jiu-jitsu of psychic manipulation.

Firstly, they undergo a process of self-delusion. And then go on to study the minds of the people to understand their needs, and capitalise on their weaknesses through the help of psychopathic and charming oratory skills.

In reality people like Gandhi, Donald-Trump and the producers of Avatar, Star-wars, Spider-man are misplaced potential pastors.

Now, here is the coco: if these Pastorpreneurs can relate their fantasies of a utopian sky-based society to the current reality, they would've made exceptional, palpable economic and social transformation.

But hey, what can I say? Let me goan drink Garri with Kulikuli. ...

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