Show me a POOR man and I'll show you a man who *P - Passes* *O - Over* *O - Opportunities* *R - Repeatedly.*

*A great man once said* If you 
take all the money in the world and distribute them equally among people
after a while *all the -money will go back to their original owners.* *Why?* 

The poor are
mainly consumers and *the rich are mainly investors.* 

Show me a POOR man and I'll show you a man who

*P - Passes*
*O - Over*
*O - Opportunities*
*R - Repeatedly.*

A man who sees challenges in every opportunity *instead of seeing opportunity in every challenge.*

Being a MAN is not a title, *it's a responsibility.* It means you have to answer financially in the
*M - Morning*
*A - Afternoon* *and*
*N - Night.*

You must take great risks to *receive greater rewards.* 

*You must plan and strategize, you must value profit not wages, you must be focused and you must be determined if you want good success.* 

Last but not least, *You must involve God.*

*"The worst people on earth to serve are the POOR PEOPLE"*

POOR: *meaning* "Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly"

*See the reasons below:*

1)Give them for free, *they will think it is a trap.*

2)Tell them it's a small investment, *they will say you can't earn much.*

3)Tell them to come in BIG, *they will say "I don't have any money".*

4)Tell them to try new things, *they will say "no experience; has it been proven to work?* *Who has gained from it before?".*

5)Tell them it's a traditional business, *they'll say "it's too HARD to do".*

6)Tell them it is a new business model, *they will say "I don't do network marketing and how many years has this business model been existing?"*

7)Tell them to run a shop, *they will say "I will be tied down, I'll have no freedom".*

8)Tell them to follow a 5-year business plan, *they will say "it's too long. Please, I can't wait for so long".*

9)Ask them what can they do? *They will say "I can do ANYTHING".*

10)They like to ask friends *who are as hopeless as themselves to get their opinions.*

11) *They think more than a University Professor and do less than a blind man.*

Penny wise, Pound foolish.

One major challenge POOR people have is *"LACK OF ACTION!"*

*They enjoy their comfort zone, dwelling and swimming in their "own type of knowledge".* 

Anything beyond their reason *"can't work, and therefore it is fraudulent"*

*Remember: It's RISKY to take a RISK, but it's even RISKIER not to take any risk at all...* 


*Learn to try out new things*
*The world is not ruled only by prayer warriors but by mental warriors who act and push with all they have*

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