Saturday, June 2, 2018

Strategic Planning of school activities

Section 3: Planning and managing learning
Here you will find units examining such issues as:
• planning classroom work, for medium and long-term periods;
• planning for the short term, including lesson planning and evaluation;
• managing learning, in particular issues of behaviour management;
• managing group work in classrooms;
• planning for a variety of classroom organisational systems;
• planning educational visits and other out-of-school learning experiences.
Section 4: Approaches to the curriculum
This section includes units focusing on:
• the aims of primary education;
• conceptions of the school curriculum and its formal, informal and hidden aims;
• the rationale for and emergence of the National Curriculum and its related documentation;
• the implications of the current Scottish Curriculum 5–14 guidelines, and their impact upon
primary school teaching.
Section 5: Recent developments in primary education
In this section you will find units exploring currently important issues such as:
• creative teaching and teaching for creativity across the curriculum;
• thinking skills and the concept of multiple intelligences;
• learning through dialogue and the implications for group work;
• citizenship and moral education;
• the provision which might be made for children who are gifted and talented.
Section 6: Diversity and inclusion
Here you will find units introducing the following issues:
• inclusion and barriers to learning and participation;
• difference, diversity and differentiation;
• classroom strategies for maximising the opportunities presented by classes of diverse ethnic
• current thinking about gender differences and their impact upon school achievement;
• making the most of linguistic diversity.

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