Monday, June 11, 2018



A _ Act now : Take the plunge ! Action is number one thing that sets successful Entrepreneurs apart from others . Knowledge becomes power only when it is acted upon . 3rd term is about to end , to experience real growth in September ,you will need to take certain actions now .

2. B__ Brand your school : A private school that has no brands will have issues in terms of growth .One of the key strategies needed to grow a 21st school is the knowledge of brand .

3. C _ Create : A school that lacks creativity will not grow in this 21st century. Ideas rule the world . Therefore, create and bring in new ideas into every department of your school for you to experience growth

4. D _ Distinguish your School : Bear in mind that your school must be different from other schools around before growth can happen . A unique Selling Proposition ( USP) is what set a school apart from others . Prospects will be confused when a school has no USP that makes it better from others . Pls, distinguish yourself with a compelling USP.

5. E _ Evaluate successfully : Evaluation of the implementation of 21st century skills is one of the attributes of innovative and emerging schools .Traditional and underdeveloped schools implement the 21st century skills but without traces of evaluation which makes them not having growth .

6. F _ Financial Empowerment : Lack of finance is one of the factors militating against the growth of many schools in Nigeria . It takes money to be build a first class and standard school . Therefore , to move above and run a better school ,you will need to financial information . And for your information, you can actually get adequate funds to run a standard school .

(7) G _ Get back to People on time : Get back to your Customers on time and resolve their complaints , get back to your Customers when you missed their calls and mails . Word of mouth marketing is the best publicity a school needs to grow but a Customer whose complaints were not given attention or properly attended to will never give you that .

(8) Hit the pavement : Network ! Network !! Network !!! .Networking is one of the best strategies to grow a 21st century school .

(9) I _ Identify your niche : Your ability to concentrate on a key factor that will enable your school experience exponential growth is your responsibility. A school without niche will need the mighty Hand of God before growth can happen . A school has passion for Mathematics and has won Cowbell Mathematics competition three times ,because of this ,many Parents are patronising the school. Another school believes in Communication , and for more than 5 years , the school has been leading in Essay Competition .What's your school niche ? You need to create one

(10) J _ Join an association : No one achieves success in isolation .Even God succeeded in the creation of Heaven and Earth with other Beings . There are certain ideas ,information and enlightenment you can never get anywhere except through professional associations .Mind you, when you find one ,you need to be careful in order not be unnecessarily witch _hunted. I am also a member of association of Consultants in Nigeria and have benefited immensely from it . Interested Proprietors can join any of the three recognized associations in Nigeria : NAPPS , AFED and LEAMPS .

My passion is to see your growing and breaking new ground 

Written By:
Praise Akintayo : Consultant to over 20 schools in the South West including a group of schools owned by a Former President .

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