Tuesday, July 10, 2018

This is the time of the year to evaluate your entire system

*School Owners and teachers*

This is the time of the year to evaluate your entire system.

Look inward. Be truthful to yourself. Check with standard schools around you and visit other schools that have Open Days.
Check Online too. This is the first step to an excellent school improvement.

*Check your Finances*
How did you do regarding your finances?
Do you audit your books.
Do you cross check your tellers with the bank.
How often do you bring an external person to check all your account books for advise?
Start to work on your budget for next year.
Don't just buy things without budgeting for it.

*Student Growth*
How many children do you have in your school now.
What is the maximum capacity for your school?
How many more children do you need to fill *ALL* the extra classrooms?
How do you plan to feel up all those empty classrooms?

*Look into Summer Camp*
Please don't forget that as much as children and Parents prefer to do Summer camps in other schools, this is the time they decide to change schools and may be a right opportunity for others to see and choose your school.
Look into Summer School and make it as interesting as possible. Pls Less of academics and more of Fun.
It could be from 9am to 1pm daily and only for 4 weeks.

*Teachers Vacation and training*
However, all your teachers don't have to participate in summer school. Let them get the most desired and deserved rest and attend trainings that will improve on themselves to enhance their teaching.

*Check your Facilities resources*
Do a total uplift of your school.

Check the conditions of all your facilities.
Check for repairs all around the schl.
a)Paint -. The school must be painted at least once every year or two years depending on your finances.
The school building says a lot about your school.

B)Put some landscaping in place. It's raining season so new plants will grow.
Plant lovely flowers all around the compound to enhance the entire school.

C) Fix those horrible toilets replace with new ones if broken at the edges.
D)Replace Washhand bowls too.
In the preschool put children size toilets.
There are lots sold in places where large toilet seats are sold.

E) furniture - Replace the spoilt tables and chairs with new new tables and chairs for the pupils and the offices.
F) Do New whiteboards if need be and do away with chalkboard if you are still using rhem.

G) Beautiful your reception.
It's the first place visitors will be welcomed.
Make it colourful and very attractive.
G) All spoilt A.C's and fans not working should be replaced.
H) Replace those outdated table tops and laptops with Modern ones.
I) Service your Generator before school resumes.
J) Buy a lot of new indoor toys for the Preschool.
Jigsaw puzzles. Building blocks . Plactacine or playdows.
K) Repair or replace the outdoor toys.
L) Equip the school library and make it more functional.
M) same with the music room and if u don't have a music room get a keyboard to be used by the.music teacher. He can take this into all classes.

*Management Inventary*
This is the time for an inventory.
Check what you have. Check what you need to get. And check what you need to dispose of that is not useful again.
Your school should not be littered with spoilt and broken down materials or furniture.

Please don't be one of those schools that do not pay staff in August & September
Staff are being engaged for 12 months so they need to be paid for 12months.
Put measures in place to be able to pay your staff for 12 months.
However encourage them to resign properly at the end of the school session if they need to move on.
It's not right to resign at the beginning of a new term. July is end of a school term.
Plan ahead. Aways have replacement of teachers in case teachers don't resume at the beginning of a new term..
Ensure all staff resume at least 10 days before the new session for In house trainings and others

Cut down on teaching staff. Some schools are over staffed.
Some schools have too many subject teachers.
Some teachers in other parts of the world take all their subjects including PE. You can get fewer teachers that are competent and paid well than filling your school with low level teachers who have nothing to offer the school.
If you have a Nursery with few children merge the classes as is done in the Montessori system and have 2 very good teachers and 1 nanny rather than have Playgroup, Nursery 1 and Nursery 2 with 6 teachers and 6 nannies and few children in the whole school.
Don't go on holidays without sorting out staff that need to move on.
Those who are not competent should be asked to leave.
It will give both parties the opportunity to get another job or a replacement for that class.
Do an end of year assessment. No sentiments.
Go for the best.
Upgrade your staff.
There are several trainings going on during the holiday insist they go for a minimum of 2 before the new school session.
Part sponsor some of these trainings for your staff.
Evaluation and Appraisal should be at the end of
every school term.
Every member of staff must attend a minimum of 2 trainings to upgrade themselves.
Remember they cannot give what they do not have.

This is the time to put excellent curriculum in place not September.
Get the school heads and department heads to work on the curriculum before they go on vacation.
September is time to implement.

Review the ones being used now and if not suitable get a better one for the new session .
Staff must always have several reference books aside from class textbooks.

*Business plan*
This is the time to write that Business plan that you have always wanted.

*Parent and Staff Handbook*
Check your policies and procedures - Mission and Vision Statements.
Have a staff handbook and Parents handbook where all policies are documented.
Document the way forward.

*Governing Board and Parents teachers Forum*
Re-plan your finances. Invite people to partner with you.
Get professionals do a business plan for you.
PTA is needed to help from the school. Never be afraid to get criticized by the parents.
We need criticism for a good business.

Dear Teachers this summer don't wait for the school to improve on you.
Use those holiday to attend several short trainings and workshops.
Your school will retain only those who have new ideas to offer.
You can only give what you know.
If you have not improved on yourself and attended new courses remember that you are not a real teacher.
Don't waist these 7 weeks of holiday sleeping or attending parties go for short courses improve on the school and improve on yourself.

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