Don't Imitate. Your imitation is your limitation

*_ONE Amazing new mindset of getting new parents into your school*

Happy Sunday πŸ”†πŸ”…


I'm really steamed up! And I'm not going to take it anymore...

Why do you keep focusing on what you should not be focused on...

The more you keep your attention on this, the more discouraged you get.πŸ€”

As long as you keep doing this you keep limiting the potential of what you can do and grow your school

You are subjected to imitation and don't forget that imitation is limitation..... Hmmnn

But better yet

It Robs you of what makes you unique..

What's that thing you keep doing and limiting the growth of your school?

" *_Focusing on the competition*_ "

Here is my thought...

Schools will keep opening every term.

Some were opened before yours and some will open after yours.... School business is in watershed period πŸ™†πŸ»‍♂😳

This is a harsh reality but there is nothing you can do about it.

So instead of focusing on beating the competition..

Your focus should be to be a better version of yourself ...... This will enable you run and operate a better school

This is the good thing about competition...

It gives parent options at all time,

They are constantly searching for a better school, with a better service or a better offer....

That means growth is achievable if you keep getting better at your school services ..... Better curriculum , better academic programs, better management structure, better customer services .

✍🏾 A man once withdrew his children from a good school and enrolled them in a *better* school .You must be better !!!πŸƒπŸ»‍♀

What should you then be focused on if not the competition...

Best of all

The answer is..


There is something I want you to know...

Focusing on competition

1. Demoralizes you
2. Demotivates you
3. Turns your passion into a daily routine..
4. Turns you into an immitator instead of an innovator...
5. ROBS you of your uniqueness.....

Just think about it..

On the other hand...

*You can dominate..*
We will show you how, when we see your seriousness and interest to grow your school beyond mediocrity .
Many of us celebrate mediocrity too much !!

Be better!!!✍πŸΎπŸ€”
Let me know your thoughts..

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