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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Steps Involved In Self Actualization

1. Network 

2. Dream big 

3. Plan Ahead 
4. Get up ahead 

5. Stayed Focused 

6. Watch Less TV 

7. Invest In Yourself 

8. Read More Books 

9. Avoid Time Waster 

10. Take Calculated Risks 

11. Write Down Your Goals 

12. Live On Less Than Your Income 

13. Make Your Health A Priority 

14. Do Works That Matter To You 

15. Learn From People That You Admire 

16. Foster Meaningful Relationship 

17. Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude 

18. Take Action Even When You Are Scared 

19. Have A Powerful And Inspiring Inquisitive Spirit 

20. Always Ask Why 

21. Don't Neglect The God's Factor..... 

22. Pray.

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