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Monday, September 3, 2018


1. Set goals for each term. Write them down and let it be concise (3 aggressive targets will suffice)

2. If you ever heard there was one BEST teaching method, I doubt this is true. Although evidence and research have established that some are more effective than others; get all the knowledge and records of teaching techniques that do miracle, but most importantly, be more sensitive to know how to fix a round peg in a round hole (this is the miracle)

 3. You may not have much power to change your school's curriculum/procedures, but you have the power to make life out of any curriculum you are given- this makes you an exceptional teacher. Once given the curriculum for next term, plan and write out AUTHENTIC experiences you want your children to have from that curriculum; with focus on VALUES, CHARACTER, PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS, PROJECTS & SKILLS….

4. Don't wait for the school to provide all the resources. You may get your hopes high. Get ready those resources you know your school may NEVER provide. The resources will remain your personal property but let them be available so that you are not handicapped. These are one of the sacrifices of passionate teachers. (Videos, realia, manipulative, craft materials, incentives, stationery, task cards, exit cards, games, puzzles etc.)

 5. Don't keep quite over any issue that may be destiny-threatening to a child (even if the child is not in your class). Be a school teacher and not just a classroom teacher. The power to change the education system in Nigeria is not really in the hands of the minister for education, it is mostly in the hands of teachers.

6. RELATIONSHIP WITH COLLEAGUES: this quote should be your ultimate principle- "great minds discuss ideas, small minds discuss people". That's the deal.

 7. RELATIONSHIP WITH PARENTS: professionalism is the answer to having a fantastic relationship with parents. I could fill volume explaining what professionalism entails. But I have never seen a professional teacher slapped or mocked by a parent in all my years of teaching experience. This does not mean that all parents will love you.

8. LESSON PLANNING- almost every teacher dread this. But once you know the most important components, you are good to go. Give keen attention to these major components; OBJECTIVES (learning outcome), RESOURCES & STRATEGIES, and ASSESSMENT. These are what count most. But also remember that sometimes what a child needs may not be in the lesson plan. This makes teaching a very sensitive job.

9. BE A HAPPY TEACHER NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. The trick to having happy children is in you being happy. YES! This is another secret for classroom management.

10. PRAY! 

To a fulfilling school year

Yours passionately,

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