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» »Unlabelled » Formate For Teachers for Writing Daily Report

Good morning my future builders

Am still on the teachers daily report

Please take note of some important things that can affect the consistency and effectiveness of the daily report

1. When the report is too long. Imagine having to read and write long reports everyday despite the workload of the teachers and head of school.

Make it short!!! I will give you the format so you can understand what we are talking about

2. It is sole responsibility of the head of school to mark teachers daily report. As a proprietor you cannot afford to add that to your work. Be strategic! Think and work on new ways and new things. Leave the operation to Head of school

You should ask the head of school weekly report which will be the summary of all the daily reports written by the teachers.

3. The weekly report of the HOS must be concise and concrete. It should highlight important issues that needs the attention of he school management that he or she cannot solve.

4. Please note that it takes missing a day report from teachers to disrupt this operation. If you try to work this for one term, you will see the massive changes that will happen to you.

Format for teachers daily report
1. Date
2. Number of learners in the class
3. Number of student taught
4. Reason for absence
5. Monitored improvement
6. Parent or teachers complain
7. General remark

Monitored improvement means the teacher will talk about two learners in a day about their abilities, .

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