Nigerian Version Of Parenthood

Hmmmm. Nigerian parents: 
Nigerian parents are among the most wicked parents in the world. They give birth to children without adequate, proper and solid plans. They turn children to Almagiri etc.
Instead of some parents to encourage their children to go to school, learn some psychological soft skills that will help to navigate and live a life free from violence and abnormal behaviour. They will tell their children or send them to trade or hand them over to relation that will use them for sex trade or housemaid.
Wicked parents!

The education system is 6-6-4 or 6-6-5 depending on the higher degree you desire to pursue. But some wicked parents will not allow their children to patiently follow that order. They will designed their own to be 4-5-4 or 5-5-4. When the child now reach youth stage, to have patient will now become problem. He or she want to get rich now now now.
He want to drive a car year after his graduation. A car that took his father 15 years to gathered money to buy.
He wants to build house year after his graduation.
Now we have plenty yahoo plus boys in the society and parents keep shouting haaaaa God help us.
Young boys are now driving cars which is obvious that the money is either from dubious act, money rituals or yahoo plus.
 it is better for all the parents to start to adjust before it become worst than the present situation.

Government will not come to your home to train your children.

Every trained child are blessing to the home and nation at large.

Train your child to Live
Train your child to Love
Train your child to exercise patience
Train your child to be builder not destroyer
Nigeria will be great!
God bless Nigeria!!!!!!

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