Teachers! Please be ETHICAL

Teachers! Please be ETHICAL.
Avoid the following like SORE:
1. Tasting/ Eating Early years pupils' food
2. Asking pupils/students for money or gifts
3. Treating pupils/students as rivals
4. Being touchy/ cranky with children
5. Getting late to work. Punctuality is the soul of business
6. Not marking students' notebooks and assignments
7. Borrowing things from pupils/ students
8. Promising your pupils/students and not fulfilling such
9. Being rude to constituted authority
10. Failure to submit school records as at when due
11. Making/Receiving calls in class
12. Using foul language and labelling pupils
13. Absconding from work without proper resignation
14. Absconding with school properties and records.

More to be shared later.

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