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A little key opens up a big door

A  little key opens a big door without much effort. As from this morning  and to the end of your life, your little effort  will bring unusual success that will make your story a glorious news  in the name of God. Good morning

The Importance of Reading Books

1. Books help you to feel more confident.
2. Books help you to travel around the world in the cheapest way.
3. Books develop your personality.
4. Books provide food for thought.
5. Books make you laugh and think.
6. Books draw you towards perfection.
7. Books stimulate creativity.
8. Books bring out writing talent.
9. Books help you in communicating.
10. Books clear your vision.
11. Books satisfy your curiosity.
12. Books help you make better choices.
13. Books help you build literary talent.
14. Books do not require any special device to teach.
15. Books increase your attention span.
16. Books are fruitful pastime.
17. Books can be used anytime, anywhere.
18. Books provide entertainment, when others fail.
19. Books make you powerful.
20. Books help you know the 'Whys' and 'Hows' of everything.
21. Books help you to create and spread fun.
22. Books help you travel across time intelligently.
23. Books keep you updated with facts and fi…

Who is a VIP

*Who is a VIP*
1.In America the people who are considered as VIPs are: Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and TEACHERS 
2. In the Honorable court of France only Teachers are allowed to sit on the chair.
3. In Japan police has to take special permission from the govt. to arrest a teacher.
4. In Korea any teacher can enjoy all those facilities which a minister in India can enjoy by showing his I.D card.
While in Nigeria and most African countries, degrading teachers is a very common and regular practice.
Pass it onto all those Teachers in your contact list who you think actually  inspire generations !!!

Part 3 of the resolutions reached @ the recently held stakeholders emerging on BRING BACK THE PRIMARY 6 MOVEMENT

*Part 3 of the resolutions reached @ the recently held stakeholders emerging on BRING BACK THE PRIMARY 6  MOVEMENT* At the meeting , individuals given opportunity to talk and ask questions chronicled how we got to this level of menace :
*When a child enters primary school, one can see the quest for learning in his or her eyes. As the child climbs the educational ladder, *cooperation changes to competition*, and *learning to the regurgitation of often misunderstood facts in examinations*.  Most children, and their parents, are more concerned with their marks in an examination than whether they have learned anything from school or not. What is important to a child these days , is his or her examination grades, and in many circumstances, it is immaterial as to how these grades are obtained.  Many children learn that *nothing is more valuable than finding some way to cheat.* For example, having examination papers in advance or the answers to the questions during or before the exam…
As if that …

Bring Back Our Primary Six

*Part of Extract from*:


The un-abated mass rush of Nigerian children to secondary school from primary 4 and 5 which is perceived to be responsible for *depressions* , *carelessness*, immaturity at handling sensitive issues in work places and other *psychosocial imbalances* in our society made many stakeholders in the field of education gathered together recently to discuss the causal- effect of this menace and to find a lasting solution to it...
At this meeting , attended by many well meaning Nigerians of over 500 from all walks of life - *Parents , Caregivers , Pastors , Imams, Teachers , School Owners , PTA executive , Lecturers , Researchers , Representatives of Vice Chancellors; Provosts of colleges of Education ; Rectors of Polytechnics , NGOs, Educational Associations like AGED, NAPPS, NIMPS , AN…

Basic science Primary six

Révision Questionable
1. List four weather symbols that can be represented and their symbols 
2. What are the effects of climate change in Nigeria 
3. Rainfall is measured by a weather instrument that is called......... 
4. Humidity is measured by a device called... 
5. Time is measured by..... 
6. Who is a meteorologist 
7. Define weather 
8. Define climate 
9. What is the relationship between weather and climate 
10. What is global warming

Techniques for laying Table

Subject : Home Economics 
Topic : Techniques for laying Table 
CLASS : Basic Six 
WEEK 10 
Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson pupils should be to mention various techniques that are used in laying Tables for meal 

Content : 
     To lay a dinning table, you will need the following 
.. Serving plates 
... Side plate with serviette or table napkin 
... Cutlery eg soup spoon dessert spoon, fork and table knife 

... Drinking glass 
.. Meal dishes 

.... Vegetable dish 

... Water jug 

.. Cruet set eg container for salt and pepper 

... Table cloth

... Flower vase 

Tecniques For Laying Table for Meals 

Put the placemat in the center of the table. ...

Put the napkin to the left of the placemat. ...

Put the plate in the center of the placemat. ...

Place the dinner fork to the left of the plate. ...

Place the knife to the right of the plate. ...

Place the soup spoon to the right of the knife

Tourism In Nigeria

Tourism is a word that is derived from the word TOUR.

To Tour simply means to make a journey or trip through an area or place for the purpose of fun,pleasure ,or entertainment. 
Hence Tourism can be defined as a pleasure trip or journey to places of choice or interest. 
Tourism in Nigeria centers largely on events, due to the country's ample amount of ethnic groups, but also includes rain forests, savannah, waterfalls, and other natural attractions.
The industry suffers from the country's poor electricity, roads, and water quality.
Yet Tourism is a lucrative business for those people the are in the hospitality industry in Nigeria because it is a major source of income for hotel business in Nigeria 
Important Places to visit in Nigeria as Tourist centres are 
1.Obudu Mountain, Cross River state
2)Ngwo Pine Forest. ...
3)Awhum Waterfall. ...
4)Arochukwu Long Juju Slave Route. ...
5)The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke. ...
6)Port Harcourt Tourist Beach. ...
7)Gashaki-Gumpti Nation…

How Teaching of Art Started in Nigeria

The official teaching of Art in Nigeria schools was made possible by one of the pionneers of Art in Nigeria in person of Late Aina Onabolu.

He was the first Nigerian to be trained as an artist in Nigeria as far back as 1890.  He later went to Britain to further his studies 

Aina Onabolu was a pioneering Nigerian modern arts teacher and painter who was an important figure in the introduction of arts into the curriculum of secondary schools in the country. He promoted the drawing of environmental forms in a verisimilitudinous style and was known for his early modern work in portraiture

Other pioneers that made teaching of Art possible in Nigerian schools are 
a)  Late Kenneth C. Murray 
b) Late Ben Enwonwu 
c) Uthman Ibrahim 
d) Christopher C. Ibeto 
ẹ) Akinola Lasekan

Communication Tips For Couples

A lot of times, couples get pissed off with each other by the way they respond to each other. We can do better if we learn responses in the *affirmative* and not in the *combative*. Let's read the following:
1. *Statement:* Are you okay; is anything the matter? - *Wrong response:* Can't you see yourself; what kind of question is that? - *Right response:* I'm not feeling fine; I think I need some attention.
2. *Statement:* I got wounded in kitchen. - *Wrong response:* I've told you to always be careful with knife. - *Right response:* Oh sorry, let me have a look. Please be more careful with knife.
3. *Statement:* I'll like to eat corn flakes. - *Wrong response:* No way! It's for the children; and that's for one month! Take garri if you are hungry. - *Right response:* Okay, you can eat a little. I trust you'll give us money to buy another.
4. *Statement:* I'm really hungry. - *Wrong response:* Even I myself have not eaten since mo…


Sometimes, our activities are too many, immediately after hearing, we jump into another thing,
and jump into another thing, and get into another thing, and we think we are serving the Lord, but the word is not bearing fruit in our lives, the word is not having effect in our lives, there is no time for meditation, there is no time to turn it over
W e are TOO BUSY, and the word we hear is not taking proper effect in our lives
Why dont u just slow down little bit, why don't u just cut off some of those things, and sit down to meditate and think abt ur life,
U want to ask urself, why is my behaviour, my life..., why is the anointing, the effect of the word in my life not more than this,
we are too busy, and not just u alone, all of us in the districts, in the groups, in the church at large, frm the top to the bottom, we are committed unto a lot of things, and those commitment might take heaven away frm u,
Return, settle down, …

Month of November

Good Morning.. Open your mind to receive NOVEMBER's declaration!  The hand of the Lord will lift you beyond every limitation!  You will experience turn around miracles!  Supernatural power of the Lord will uphold you!  There Shall be God's intervention in all areas of your life!  Any difficulty that tends to hinder your success, shall be nullified!  You are Blessed! Happy New Month.

Better is the End

Better is d end of a thing Dan d begin, before d end of d month,something good and glorious will happen for u
Dose who av what u want will locate u, and what u av been expecting for long will come to u
Whatever has been given u tears ad fears will turn around ad give u testimonies and divine turn around
D glory of d later year 2018 , shall be greater than d beginning of d year for u
God will turnaround things ad u will be fulfilled in life and God will position and established u
Ur remembrance will cone up, were help ad assistance will come and things will begin to happen for u positively , ad nothing shall be impossible for ur life
Everything about u in d new months will be wonderful, people will congratulate u, u will excel in all u do, u will rise and soar like an eagle ,all ur destiny helpers will remember u and hasten to help you amen
U will end D's year gloriously well, God will send helpers along ur way, dose who look down on u …