Sometimes, our activities are too many, immediately after hearing, we jump into another thing,
and jump into another thing, and get into another thing, and we think we are serving the Lord, but the word is not bearing fruit in our lives, the word is not having effect in our lives, there is no time for meditation, there is no time to turn it over
W e are TOO BUSY, and the word we hear is not taking proper effect in our lives
Why dont u just slow down little bit, why don't u just cut off some of those things, and sit down to meditate and think abt ur life,
U want to ask urself, why is my behaviour, my life..., why is the anointing, the effect of the word in my life not more than this,
we are too busy, and not just u alone, all of us in the districts, in the groups, in the church at large, frm the top to the bottom, we are committed unto a lot of things, and those commitment might take heaven away frm u,
Return, settle down, hear the word of God, ...think about it
Monday to saturday is very busy for city dwellers, u know that sunday might be the busiest for some people in our church here, from the most visible leaders, to the other workers and everybody
When are we going to find the time, to meditate on the word and hv a transformation, so that this word affects every part of our life,
Sit back, TOO MUCH activity...,
Sit back and think on these words u are hearing, so u can prepare for eternity...
When u hear the word of God, u meditate, and all the things i tell u, frm the word of God, u make sure that u set time apart and meditate on them
i told u, we are TOO Busy, and i say frm the top, to the bottom, frm the highest of our leaders to the youngest of our leaders, W-e A-r-e T-o-o B-u-s-y,
There is no time to meditate on the word, that's why quite a number of us, if the salvation is there, its shaking, thast why if the sanctification is there, we cant see it, if the holiness is there, we can see it, its so hidden
Stop a lot of those committee meetings, cut of a lot of all these,....
We just finish the service,we still stay there, still busy on these, still busy on [THAT], there is no time to meditate on the word,
Take the time off, Leaders and workers, and members..., u know sometimes, as am preaching, am looking at some of our leaders, and those leaders are sleeping, we are preaching the word, they are sleeping, why? They hv worked so much and so much, the only time they can sleep, is during the preaching, and then after the preaching, there are making announcement, BROTHER SO AND SO COME OVER HERE....., And i say, they are killing this people, why dont they release them and let them hv time to relax and rest and meditate on the word, and then our progress will be faster
No time with ur family, no time with ur wife, no time with ur children, no time even for urself...
I hv said all these before, but many ppl hv not heard, but today u hv heard, and u will do it

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